Keeping the Holiday Season Merry and Bright

How to Help Celebrate the Holidays More Safely this Year

Preparations for the upcoming holiday festivities have begun, and while the usual hustle and bustle of this merry season may not be the same, there are still ways to celebrate and stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When making plans for the holidays, consider the following factors:

  • Community Positivity Levels. Consider the level of positive cases in the community, whether your own or one you’ll be visiting. Communities with a history of high case counts may pose a higher risk.
  • Number of Guests. Large gatherings pose a greater risk than smaller gatherings. When planning a location for your holiday gathering consider the space of the venue and adjust your invitation list accordingly to accommodate appropriate social distancing guidelines.
  • Venue Accommodations: In-person celebrations can carry inherent risks. Consider hosting in-person gatherings outdoors and take advantage of the temperate winter climate found in southern states. Continue to prioritize social distancing guidelines and wear approved face coverings to help lower risks of exposure.
  • Traveling Guests. Consider the region each guest will be traveling from. Those from heavily populated areas or communities with higher case counts could increase the risk of infection to others at the gathering.
  • Guest Behavior. Guest who don’t adhere to social distancing, wearing face coverings, or other preventative measures could pose a threat to other guests.
  • High-Risk Guests. For guests who’ve recently been exposed, show symptoms, are waiting for test results, or have preexisting conditions, the safest option is to celebrate virtually.

It may be challenging to break away from annual traditions, but by following best-practice recommendations, we are helping our families and communities stay healthier – and that’s what’s most important.