From Deuces Wild to Aces and Eights: The Abundance of Video Poker Games

It is no secret that the popularity of video poker games is constantly growing worldwide. These games come in different styles. They also have various game features and paytables. The low house edge is also another factor that makes these games popular. What’s more, learning how to play video poker games is also easy. 

Perhaps, the wide array of games in this section is the major reason why their popularity is always souring. From Deuces Wild to Aces and Eights, you can’t run out of the video poker games to try. Here are some of the most popular variants that demonstrate the abundance of video poker games. 

Deuces Wild 

Deuces Wild is a very common entry into the “wild” category. This video poker game and wild card games are generally the most popular video games in online casinos. Deuces Wild comes in different pay charts ranging from full-pay machines to machines whose payout is less than 0.95 back per hand. This game is the same as Joker Poker. The only difference is that it all 2’s become Wilds instead of adding Joker Cards. 

Jacks or Better 

Jacks or Better is also another common video poker version. With this game, a player wins when the final 5-card hand has a Jacks or Better pair. There are different Jacks or Better versions. Their difference is in how they payout for flushes and full houses. A 2-number prefix denotes the difference in a payout. For instance, full-pay Jacks or Better is called “9/6 Jacks or Better.” In this case, a 9 denotes the full house payoff while a 6 denotes the flush payoff. 

Aces and Eights 

Aces and Eights is a variant of Jacks or Better. When playing this game, a player gets payout bonuses for any four of a kind, Eights, Aces, and Sevens to a lower degree. This video poker is played with the full-pay return table, and its payout percentage can go up to 99.78%. This game pays the same as Jacks or Better. 

Bonus Poker 

This is one of the best options for anybody who wants to play video poker for real money. It varies from Jacks or Better slightly. That’s because the major difference is the higher-than-usual payout for any hand with four of a kind. 8/5 is the best pay chart for this video poker game. That’s because it returns 0.992 per hand. 

Double Double Bonus 

This is another variant of Jacks or Better video poker. It gives players bonus payoffs for various four of a kind. With the full-pay version of this game, a player can get more than 100%. 

Pick-em Poker 

This variation of video poker is less-known to some players. But, being different from most video poker titles, it has captured the attention of many gamblers. It uses the standard 52-card deck and starts by dealing two cards to the player. After that, a player is allowed to choose from 2 different cards. Another card pair appears after the addition of another one. This is followed by another card and then the final pair. This allows the player to increase their hand to 5 cards.  Payouts in this game are based on the machine’s paytable, and it is an excellent option to win real money like the online slots. The best returns in this game are more than 0.999 per hand. 

Tens or Better 

This video poker is also another clone of Jacks or Better. Instead of paying out winnings for a Jacks or Better pair, this game pays for a pair of tens or better. This rule variation makes this game popular among many players. 

The Bottom Line

There is undoubtedly no shortage of video poker games. This list is not exhaustive, and most games in this category can be played at online casinos. If planning to start playing video poker, learn about the available games to choose one that suits your needs. Also, come up with a strategy for optimizing returns as you play these games.