How to Access Health Services During a Lockdown

The recent lockdown may have led to major deterioration in some people’s health because we are too reluctant to visit hospitals or clinics in fear of catching the virus. Our movements are restricted and we can barely get out of the house. That’s why it is important to know how to access health services in different situations without putting ourselves at risk. Below, you will find the most common health issues and how to get help during this difficult time. 

Mental Health Support

The isolation resulting from the lockdown is hard on anyone and some people cannot tolerate it. Many people started struggling with mental health issues as stress, anxiety, and depression. Those who were already suffering from a mental illness have probably stopped going to their weekly appointments, so they have noticed that they are falling off the edge. This is dangerous, especially if they live alone without anyone to look after them during this lockdown. 

Accordingly, access to mental health services have become extremely important and almost a matter of life and death to some individuals with severe mental health issues. That’s why psychiatrists from all over the world have started to offer their services online for a low fee to reach out to a lot of people. You can video-chat with a therapist to help you get through this hard time. They are also offering phone calls to make anxious individuals pass an anxiety attack. 

Dental Treatment

Some people ignore their dental health until one day they wake up screaming from the pain. In the light of the recent lockdown, most dental clinics either closed or limited their working hours. They open only for emergency treatments to relieve the pain because some types are unbearable even after ingesting painkillers. However, you cannot go wait in the waiting room as before, so developers at recommend picking an appointment and setting it before going. You should search for the nearest clinic to your place to avoid crossing the curfew. Luckily, some platforms scan the internet for the nearest available clinic, and all you have to do is pick the dentist from the list they will offer you. 

General Health Problems

We may get exposed to diseases and medical conditions that require immediate attention. For instance, we may catch the flu, get a sore throat, or fall and hurt ourselves. That’s why an on-call doctor is mostly available for any inquiries. You should contact your doctor if you are used to a specific one before the quarantine. Moreover, you don’t have to go to the clinic unless the physician tells you that it is necessary. 

As a result, many platforms have started saving your medical records so you can access them any time you want when you get the same symptoms. They will also allow you to print your prescription with the doctor’s signature to get your medication from any pharmacy. If you have to undergo some tests, you may request someone to come to you and take the necessary samples. 

Maternal Health

Some pregnant women are getting anxiety attacks because they are too afraid of delivering their babies in these conditions. Further, maternal morbidity and mortality increased significantly because of the lockdown and the lack of access to professional doctors. The disastrous effects of the pandemic decreased access to delivery and postnatal care. To fix that issue, some women started giving birth at home instead of going to the hospital and putting themselves and their newborns at risk of getting infected. Others book appointments in clinics that are far away from an infected person to guarantee a high level of care. 

Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment is a priority because any postponement in the treatment may cause the cancer cells to spread. On the other hand, these patients are medically compromised and at risk of dying from any virus. Your doctor should contact them and discuss treatment options to protect them from both conditions at the same time. 

If they are not a cancer patient, but they suspect that they are showing signs and symptoms of a certain type, they should reach out to a physician. They shouldn’t put the check-up on hold because it is better to detect cancer in its early stages. Always remember that it is better to be safe than sorry after the lockdown is over. 


Most operations get suspended if the patients’ conditions and vital signs are stable. They should nonetheless be kept under supervision if the individual in question could experience negative side effects in case of postponing the surgery. Accordingly, some surgeries must be performed immediately. In that case, infection control measures must be taken to protect the medical staff and the patient. 

The lockdown has affected every aspect of our lives, but we shouldn’t let it take a toll on our health. We should still look after our physical and mental health and search for ways to access medical services in these trying times. Thanks to the internet and the efforts of various doctors, we can acquire high-quality medical care from anywhere in the world.