How To Improve Safety At Your Home?

When you are responsible for a family, you naturally reach a point where you worry about home security. And you likely start to question how easy you are making it for someone else to make their way into your home?

In a perfect world, our homes should be the safest place to be. When you need to recharge from all the outdoor activities you fill your life with, what better place to do it than in your house. But too many people get a first-hand experience of what a burglary or intrusion feels like. Not a year goes by when a break-in or malicious damage to property does not get reported. Which means we are forced to take measures for securing our homes.

Luckily, there are many options available where home security is concerned. You can choose between advanced locks for windows and doors or go with a full security system. Every measure you take makes it harder for intruders to reach their goals. And this article will share some ideas on how you can bring you and your family more peace of mind. Because who doesn’t want to feel safe and secure in their own homes?

5 Ways To Improve Security At Home

As mentioned, the options for home security is quite extensive. Thanks to several advances in technology over the years, security systems are more effective and easier to come by. The best part is that a home security system will monitor the situation, whether you are at home or not. Here are some ideas and suggestions to get you started.

1. Monitored Alarm System 

There is no lack of alarm system choices and they are available to fit most budgets. Although, basic home alarm systems that just go off are not always the most effective. For starters, neighbours tend to ignore it because they think it was triggered by accident. Even extreme weather conditions or pets can trigger the alarm.

This is where a monitored alarm system gives the added peace of mind. Not only do you get professionals that react when the alarm gets triggered, but the necessary authorities are alerted as well. The security company will try to get hold of the keyholder and establish whether the alarm was triggered by an accident. 

2. Smart Surveillance Camera

Modern (smart) surveillance cameras take security at home to another level. Not only does it provide you with on-demand streaming of what is being captured at this very minute, but you can check on your home from a remote location. You can be on vacation with your family and still keep tabs on your property via your phone or tablet.

Once again, there is a wide range of smart surveillance cameras available. Some are more expensive and they have more features. But a standard model can also provide a high level of security. Because your end-goal is to maintain a view of your property regardless of where you are. 

3. Upgrade Locks For Doors And Windows

One of the last things homeowners think about is the locking systems in and around their home. If these locks have been working perfectly for years, then why change them? For starters, it makes it much easier for intruders to gain access. And secondly, burglars are attracted to out-dated locks. Hence the reason why lock systems for doors and windows have developed so dramatically.

Never forget that windows and doors serve as the most vulnerable entry points. If anybody wants to get into your home, these are the entryways they are most likely to use. This is why extra caution has to be exercised when it comes to the lock systems that are in place. With more mortice door locks, window locks and internal door knobs, it can do more than keep burglars out. It can even deter them from trying.

4. Keep Your Vacation Private

Even though are very excited about going on vacation, do not share this information with everyone through social media. Instead, share the great memories you made after you get back. The fact many sly burglars that count on this type of information.

It is also worth noting that some insurance companies pay attention to whether you made too much information public. They are also getting more strict about this aspect because they can use it as an excuse not to pay any claims if you happen to get robbed. So keep this in mind before sharing your excitement with the rest of the world. Leave the sharing for when you get back. 

5. Security Lights

Something as basic as a security light can do wonders for keeping intruders away. It is common knowledge that burglars prefer to operate in the dark. But when lights automatically come on when someone moves near the front or back of the property, it draws unwanted attention for the intruder. Security lights are cost-effective and they do a lot in terms of providing more security.