6 Games That Will Entertain the Whole Family During Lockdown


Scrabble is one of the easiest, best, and most fun board games out there. You may not think so, but trust us, things can get pretty heated around the dining table playing a great game of scrabble. Get creative with your words, allow slang, change the rules, or play completely standard. Either way, it’s great fun for 2-6 players. There are other ways to jazz it up, too, like this site, which helps you unscramble letters to find good words to play. Maybe keep that one to yourself, though! Give it a go, we don’t think you or your family will regret it for one minute.


A timeless classic with many modern varieties, Monopoly can pass many hours or even days. The rules are simple: buy properties, develop houses and hotels, and charge your fellow players every time they land on your property. Sounds simple, but a lot is left up to the role of the dice, so you never know what can happen. If you play slow and don’t cut many deals with other players, you could play a game that lasts hours or even days! Or play rapid rules where every single roll has to lead to a transaction. Whichever way you decide to play, we can guarantee you that Monopoly is an outstanding way to pass some time whilst enjoying the company of your family.

Hide and Seek

Bear with us on this one! Imagine turning your whole house and garden into a hide and seek arena. Hide and seek can pass plenty of time and bring a lot of laughter, especially if your family is a little younger. But believe us when we say adults can have a great and silly time playing hide and seek as well. You can also take this game outside to parks or other outdoor places, just be sure to stay socially distant from others, follow any local guidelines regarding travel or curfews, and stay safe.

Mario Kart

Here is a video game truly for all ages – Mario Kart. Now available on a host of different platforms, this fast-paced and action-packed racing game gets better with each new iteration. Imagine being half a lap ahead of your partner only for them to knock you off the circuit with a flying bomb! If you haven’t played before, we’ll explain. As you race around crazy and wonderful tracks as characters from the Mario series, you collect weapons, tricks, and boosts. Use these to slow your opponents and race to victory.

Dungeons and Dragons

This game will certainly take some time and hopefully ignite some of your imagination. Don’t let the name put you off, D&D can be pretty much whatever you want it to be. You can follow their starter pack and play with their character sets or create your own unique story to follow and battle for many hours. Trust us, once you get into it, there’s no better game to pass the time. Some D&D quests can be played over many sittings or whilst having some drinks. Honestly, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. So give Dungeons and Dragons a try – which you can do for free – and see what comes out of your mind.


Finally, one to spend plenty of time on, it’s Minecraft. In this game, you wander an expansive world whilst mining, building, collecting, and creating. People of all ages describe incredible creations made on Minecraft. This one’s not just for kids. Get involved and create worlds with your family, or just keep digging and see what you find. You can really express your creativity in this game, so we truly recommend giving it a go. 

We sincerely hope that at least one of these six great games gives you and your family some excellent memories to take with you from lockdown. Passing some time with the ones you love can help make the rest of the worldly worries seem a bit more distant and a bit more manageable. We hope you are staying safe and well, and find time to have some fun with the family.