Seven Ways to Safely Store Your Guns

Protecting all Texans means knowing how to stop weapons from reaching the wrong hands. In 2017, 3,513 deaths in Texas were due to firearms, a number that has climbed every year since 2011 and exceeds the national rate.  No matter where you keep your gun, it needs to be stored safely when you’re finished using it. There are many choices when it comes to safe gun storage. Determining what’s best for you depends on the type of firearm, your living situation, and budget.

Below are some different options that allow you to store your firearm safely*:

  1. Cable Lock: A cable lock is one of the most affordable and widely available gun storage devices. It works by positioning a cable to block the barrel of the firearm from locking into position and preventing the weapon from firing. Cable locks are available with key or combination locks.
  • Trigger Lock: A trigger lock works by clamping down around the trigger and trigger guard, which prevents the trigger from being pulled. Just like the cable locks, these can be purchased with either a key or combination lock.
  • Biometric Lock: Biometric locks are a type of trigger lock that opens with fingerprint technology. The lock is designed to open quickly, but only for authorized users. This is a good choice if you need to have quick access in case of an emergency.
  • Gun Case: A gun case is a plastic portable storage case that will protect your firearm from damage and can include a lock for extra security.
  • Strong Box: A strong box is a small durable safe designed to hold just one or multiple firearms. These can be purchased with key, combination, or fingerprint locks. In some cases, they are portable. And many also come with the option to permanently mount them to a wall or vertical surface. Once they are mounted, they are very difficult to steal.
  • Gun Cabinets: Gun cabinets are more like furniture than any of the other storage devices. They are made of wood and glass to display your gun collection. They are usually cheaper than gun safes and most will have a locking feature. The main appeal of a gun cabinet is that it is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Gun Safe/Vault: The most secure option to store firearms is a gun safe or gun vault. These are large enough to store multiple firearms and ammunition. They are typically made of steel and are very heavy. It is recommended that they are secured to prevent them from falling over. Gun safes and vaults have options for key, codes, or fingerprint locks. Because of their size, weight, and the materials they are made from, they are difficult to steal and keep firearms out of sight. Many are even fire resistant.

Practicing safe gun storage protects kids, prevents accidents, and keeps our guns out of the hands of criminals. This makes gun ownership safe for everyone. For more resources and to learn more about safe gun storage and the Keep ‘Em Safe Texas campaign, visit

*The Texas Department of Public Safety does not endorse any type or manufacturer of gun safes or locks