7 Situations Where You Need an Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer offers legal services to persons that suffer injuries at the hands of negligence from other people, government agencies, companies, or entities. These injuries could be physical or psychological. An injury lawyer will normally have practiced law in the area called tort law, and their main aim is to help the victims get compensated for their physical pain, emotional suffering, and financial loss due to the personal injury. Now, there are many scenarios where one would need help from a personal injury attorney. In this piece, we will explore seven situations where you would need an injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Claims: Why You Need an Experienced Lawyer 

When you or a loved one suffers a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence or wrongful acts, you could be eligible to file a personal injury claim lawsuit. As long as there is proof that indeed their recklessness or wrongful action led to your injuries and consequent damages, the law requires that the at-fault party be held liable and compensate you for your loss.

But in most cases, personal injury cases are associated with many procedural complexities. For instance, proving negligence to the court is not always straightforward. There are also time limits to be adhered to, and these may vary from state to state. Zachary Mushkatel, a decorated Sun City personal injury lawyer, says that, in Arizona, the law requires these claims to be filed within two years from the time of the injury. This is known as the Statute of Limitations, and any compensation claims filed after the two years lapse may not materialize. Therefore, working with a legal expert in this area maximizes your chances of receiving fair compensation after suffering a personal injury.

1. Medical Injury

Medical mistakes may occur unknowingly. For example, doctors may forget surgical tools inside your body during operations. This amounts to medical negligence. It is a grave mistake as it may lead to serious health complications. Other forms of medical negligence may include misdiagnosis, wrong prescription, dosage mistakes, and mistreatment at medical facilities.

If you have suffered injuries due to medical negligence, personal injury lawyers play a crucial role in ensuring that justice is served fairly. Your injury lawyer can help get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries and consequent losses.

2. Tainted/Impure Food

One may require an injury lawyer to sue a company, manufacturer, supermarket, or even a store for selling expired, undercooked or rotten food. For instance, you may walk into a store and buy some snacks, and while eating, you notice some foul smell. To take action against the store for selling lousy food, you consult an injury lawyer to sue the store as the food may be harmful to your body and for food poisoning. You should, however, not incur any cost or obligation.

3. Occupational Accidents

When a person is injured in the line of duty, the company’s compensation is crucial. To avoid running up and down pursuing compensation from the institution, a personal injury lawyer comes in. This is not to forget that after sustaining a workplace injury, continuing to work could be a challenge, and this could mean the loss of income.

You may have medical insurance cover from the company, but is that enough to pay your bills and still put food on your table? Will it remove the pain and suffering? Well, financial compensation could help comfort you as you heal and get back on your feet. Whether you have encountered a workplace accident or are dealing with stress on the job, the law has your back. A Personal injury lawyer is a person to consult whenever you have an issue involving workers’ compensation insurance.

4. Emotional, Physical, and Physiological Attack

Emotional and physiological torture may be more harmful than most physical attacks. In such an attack, be it mental or physical, seeking legal advice from practicing injury lawyers is very important. Physiological torture lowers the self-esteem of the person attacked and may lead to serious health complications like ulcers, depression, weight loss, and even high blood pressure. An injury lawyer can help with advice on the necessary steps to take.

5. Road Accidents

When you are involved in a road accident, it will be tough for you to navigate everything by yourself. But if and when you can, it is advisable to speak to an injury lawyer. They will help you navigate the entire process in trying to ensure that all the expenses are covered by the insurance company involved.

6. When Insurers Fail To Compensate

Most insurance companies may fail to compensate you fairly. Your injury lawyer has the knowledge to unwind such schemes. They can ensure that compensation is done fairly and justly.

7. Faulty Merchandise 

You could purchase a product that has been poorly manufactured, and while using it, it ends up causing a physical or mental injury to you. You will require a law expert to assist you in suing the manufacturer in court for compensation. The lawyer will help you bring the manufacturer to book.

Injury lawyers play a critical role in ensuring that victims get the maximum compensation possible for the damages caused. They come at a cost, but many of them will only charge you if the case is won. If you are a loved one ever gets into one of the above situations, don’t hesitate to contact a competent injury attorney.