BioEnergy Code Reviews – Find Yourself Powerfully Energized!!

To enjoy a fulfilling life, it is important to balance the body, mind, and spirit.  To balance the latter, they are several techniques for people to adopt. Yet, the BioEnergy Code program has proven to be the best. Using this manifestation program, many people have managed to successfully balance their energy and live fuller and happier lives.

With the BioEnergy Code, people don’t need to travel halfway across the world in search of a spiritual teacher. Designed with detailed guidelines and instructions, anyone can follow the BioEnergy Code and enjoy its full benefits.

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BioEnergy Code Overview

Balancing the spirits means that the body, cells, genes, mind, and soul are all in sync. It is important to have this balance in life to experience success. Unbeknownst to many people, several problems in their lives are attributed to the lack of balance.

Generally, lacking this balance can be the cause of any problem, be it financial or simply the lack of happiness in life. The BioEnergy Code is formulated to activate the 7 healing chakras to help people find balance, happiness, love, wellness, and better health.

What Is BioEnergy Code Program?

BioEnergy Code is a meditation program formulated to aid in the manifestation of dreams and deepest desires. Using this meditation program, one can manifest anything into existence – be it happiness, love, wealth, or health. Using the BioEnergy Code manifestation program directs one to find positive energy and uncover the mysteries to achieving their dreams and deepest desires. 

Manifestation using the BioEnergy Code works similar to the mechanisms of the laws of attraction. The key is to know how to attract positive energy and transform it into the things one wants the most. Whilst the BioEnergy code brings with the uniqueness and success that other programs don’t have, it follows the standard principles.

The manifestationprogram integrates the principles of chakra teachings and Tibetan methods known as the Tiger Prophecy. In the program, one will find guidedmeditations and visualizations for increased concentration, calmness, and optimum success. The program works extremely efficiently on the brain waves that one begins to experience noticeable changes in just a few days.

The BioEnergy Code program combines the seven centers of spiritual power in the human body throughout its 9 key phases to help achieve a full balance.

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What Will You Find In BioEnergy Code?

Different people have different comprehension and patience levels. Therefore, to make it easy-to-follow for everyone, the BioEnergy creators have made it into a 30-minute audio program to listen to. The scientifically proven content in the audio recordings releases just the right frequencies that activate the seven chakras in your body.

The body becomes more aligned; the more one follows the program. Integrating the God Frequency and 432Hz Frequency, the program utilizes these two frequencies to align the body’s 7 chakras or bioenergy centers.

The 7 chakras include;

  • The root – the foundation
  • The sacral – which controls the sense of abundance, wellbeing, pleasure, and sexuality
  • The solar plexus – which controls self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem
  • The heart – which controls love, joy, and inner peace
  • The throat – which controls communication, self-expression, and truth
  • The third eye – which controls intuition, imagination, and wisdom
  • The crown – which controls inner beauty, outer beauty, and spiritual connection

For full and comprehensive results, the BioEnergy Code is divided into 7 essential phases within the audio recordings. These include;

  • Phase 1 – Also known as Welcome The Energy, this phase is the starting point of the program. During this phase, the body allows the frequencies to penetrate it and begin to align the body. It is a foundational phase for the entire manifestation program.
  • Phase 2 – The Foundational Energy is related to the root chakra. This phase begins to stabilize and secure one’s life as it clear blockages that prevent growth.
  • Phase 3 – The Relational Energy is related to the sacral chakra. This phase works on balancing your emotions and your relationships.
  • Phase 4 – The Personal Power Energy focuses on the Solar Plexus Chakra. This phase powers one physically and mentally to leave them positive in every aspect of life.
  • Phase 5 – The Heart energy invigorates the Heart Chakra. This phase teaches one how to love and let go of the negative pasts. One will learn to let go of their failures and disappointments thus, freeing them from any worries.
  • Phase 6 – The Expression Energy works on the Throat Chakra. This phase powers one’s communication. It teaches people how and where to react thus, promoting calmness and control during communication.
  • Phase 7–The Intuition Energy boosts the Third Eye Chakra. This phase is all about foresight and intuition. This phase teaches people to identify what is right and wrong for them. Furthermore, it aids in better decision making and eliminating self-doubt.
  • Phase 8 – This phase is the Oneness Energy phase that targets the Crown Chakra. This is the phase where one is separated from the world. It teaches one how to deal with the world with individuality.
  • Phase 9 – The 9th phase is the Power Extension – the ultimate guide and light. This phase helps, guides, and directs one’s life paths to prevent it from being derailed.

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The BioEnergy Code Bonuses:

To offer more value for the purchase, the Bioenergy Code comes with up to 4 gifts. These gifts are not just randomly added to the purchase. They are specially picked to complement one’s meditation journey. Each of these gifts is available in book format.

  • BioEnergy Code Manual ($47 value)  – This manual teaches about the 7 human body chakras so one can have a better understanding of them during meditation.
  • 5-Minute BioEnergy Healing ($147 value) – The 5-Minute BioEnergy healing can be used in lieu of the 30-minute audio if one is on a tight schedule and doesn’t have time to immerse themselves in the 30-minute recording.
  • BioEnergy Code Decoded ($97) – This book offers tips and tricks on how to maintain and control bioenergy.
  • The Heart Energy Activator ($147) – The Heart Energy Activator removes any hindrances related to heart fears thus, allowing one to grow limitlessly.

BioEnergy Code Pricing

The full BioEnergy Code program along with its four free bonuses is valued at a whopping $585. However, because the four bonus gifts are given out for free, the regular price for this program is $197.  The $197 is the value of the main BioEnergy 30-minutes audio recording. Yet, to make it accessible to everyone, the program is now available at a more reduced price. One will enjoy the entire program and free bonus gifts with every purchase for only $37.

Plus, this is not all the program offers. With every purchase of the program, comes a 365 day 100% money back guarantee. Understandably, not everyone will enjoy the same results. Thus, one can request a full refund with no hidden costs within a year of purchasing the program, if it doesn’t work out for them.

Benefits Of BioEnergy Code

  • Formulated to empower the mind and soul
  • Strengthens one physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • Activates the 7 healing chakras of the body
  • Promotes a healthier and more fulfilling life
  • Facilitates the discovery of one’s true destiny and purpose in life
  • Aids in decision making and life pathways
  • Improves relationships, trust, and emotional intelligence
  • Allows one to achieve their dreams and deepest desires
  • Removes fear, jealousy, and feelings of failure
  • Improves memory retention, mental focus, and concentration


  • Allows one to fine-tune their mind and body with positive energy
  • Free shipping with every purchase
  • 100% 365-day money back guarantee
  • 256-bit encryption technology with SSL to protect financial information during the payment process
  • Solely available online on the official site to avoid scammers and duplications


  • You need an internet connection to access the program
  • It requires a high level of commitment to sufficiently complete all the 9 phases

The BioEnergy Code Review – Final Verdict

The BioEnergy Code is surely one of the very few meditation programs that dig deep into one’s spirit to bring out the best in them. Using this program will not only balance the soul and spirit but improve overall mental, physical and emotional health. 

Whilst it comprehensively focuses on all the 7 key Chakras of the body, it is extremely simple for anyone to follow –whether one is just discovering meditation or have been practicing it for years. Plus, with an investment of only $37 and a risk-free 365-day money back guarantee, it’s a win-win situation for anyone.

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