6 Reasons Why Building Your Own House Is Better Than Buying One

Buying a home is an exhilarating time in your life. This represents a new change of scenery, new opportunities, or the beginning of a new chapter in your life, but there are more options than simply buying a home. Another popular alternative is building a home instead.

The reason why people love the idea of building a home is because of the unique advantages it may offer. It is not as crazy as it sounds, and the payoff could be astronomical for the betterment of your life. If you are thinking about potentially building a new home, here are six reasons why it is a better idea.

1. Learn Handy Skills

While the building of a new home may not entirely be in your hands, you will still be able to learn some important handy skills. Things like plumbing, electrical, wall installation, and carpentry abilities are all good skills to observe and retain for future use. As a new homeowner, you want to be able to do as much on your own as you can, and watching and learning from the builders of your home can provide that learning opportunity.

2. Choose Your Own Design and Style

The best advantage of building your own home is getting to pick the design and style. Having a custom built home means working with architects and planners to make your dream a reality, a dream that could be any home you like. Instead of having a cookie-cutter house, you can really design something that fits your needs like a glove. Customizing the home to your liking can also help improve the aesthetic value. Some home styles were designed with the trend of the time in mind, which could be bad for long term value, but a custom home can be designed with a futureproof style in mind.

3. Renovate As You See Fit

Another advantage of building your own house is being able to renovate and add-on as you see fit. When designing this house, you can take into consideration what additions you may want. A new guest room, a sunroom outback, a porch, etc. All of these additions and renovations can be fit into the original design and help make the house more adaptable to change. Making these changes to the home keeps it fresh, but it is also easier when you are building one from the ground up in your vision.

4. More Value 

There is an added value to building a new home in many ways. The overall cost could be slightly above the market value, but the upfront costs only tell one side of the story. New homes adhere to the current building and property standards, so you are not buying a house that will need expensive repairs and maintenance. Avoiding these costs from the get-go will allow you to save money for furniture, bills, or savings. While the cost may seem higher, you are putting yourself into a much better situation long-term when you actually look at the value of a new home.

5. Pick Your Building Area

Choosing where to build is a huge need for people who want the most from their home. Finding a good neighborhood, close to shopping or work, or a great school district is things that people want but often have to sacrifice to get a good market value on a home. Instead of compromising on these important factors, you can simply find a new plot of land. Say you found a beautiful, quiet countryside escape that was available to build-on, but there were no homes; you could put a home there. It is essential to get the best area possible, and by building a new home, you do not have to limit yourself.

6. Avoid Restricting Communities

Just like picking your building area/land, you want to avoid pesky nuisances that come with non-ideal home locations. One of these may be a restrictive community. The one that comes to mind for most people is a homeowners association. While they are not all bad, they do make it hard to make your home feel personal, so building a new home in an area of your choosing can bypass these hard-to-deal-with associations that limit your creativity and enjoyment.

Building a home seems like a fantasy for prospective homeowners, but you are looking at giving yourself the most value for your money when you look at all of the advantages that come with it. The six benefits listed here have shown you why people are bucking the trend of buying a pre-existing home in search of making a truly unique living space for themselves.