Holiday Shopping Tips

Do you want to make this year’s holiday safe, fun, and stress-free? Then, continue reading to find out-of-the-box ideas and money-saving tricks from

1. Create a Budget and Stick to It

Overspending is one of the main stressors of holiday shopping. That is why you must make a budget before hitting the stores. Firstly, determine the amount you are comfortable spending on gifts. Then, write down the people you plan on giving a gift to and allocate a small amount of the budget toward each person. A pen and paper can work just fine. However, you can use apps such as Santa’s Bag and Christmas Gift List Tracker to do your math and organize your purchases. Put the cost of materials into your budget if you plan to DIY gifts.

2. Shop Small

According to a survey from the National Federation of Small Business and American Express, Small Business Saturday hit a record high last year. Because shoppers are encouraged to spend with their communities the Saturday after Thanksgiving by the Small Business Saturday. Independently owned shops need holiday money during this season, so this is a hopeful sign for them. You not only help your neighborhood if you spend at your local shops. You will also find unique, curated gifts for your family and friends. To find restaurants and shops in your local area, check out the Shop Small map.

3. Use of Curbside Pickup

Social distancing is essential due to coronavirus. Therefore, several retailers now offer curbside pickup if you purchase their merchandise via their app or website. Several shoppers have taken advantage of this. According to Adobe Analytics, there has been an increase of 62% of purchases from last year made on the internet then picked up at the store. It is one of the easiest ways of avoiding long lines and streamlining your holiday shopping.

4. Register with Your Favorite Stores

Promotional emails can fill your inbox if register with these stores. However, it is worth joining a particular store, especially if you are a devotee of that store. Why? You will get sale previews and discount codes. Do not forget to check their loyalty programs. It is free to join most of these stores, and they offer benefits such as rewards for dollars spent, discounts on purchases, and exclusive sales for members.

5. Make a Direct Donation or Support Companies That Give Back

You can do some good when shopping for gifts. How? Buy your gifts from the companies that support important causes. Check Out of Print if you love books. They support literacy programs. To get food to the hungry via Feed America, check toys and apparel at BoxLunch. For every bar sold, Hand in Hand donates soap to children in developing countries. Choosing a charity based on your family member or friend’s passions and making a donation in their name is another great way for making a difference. (The certificate and adorable animal, which comes with a symbol of the species adoption that benefits the World Wildlife Fund, is one of your favorites for children).