Jewelry Chain Types for Beginners

There are many types of jewelry chains and it is important to know your style and understand the effects the chains will accentuate on you as a wearer. This will guide you in knowing some of the chains that you can find on before making your purchase.

Belcher chain

It is also known as the solo chain and is most popular in Britain. The Belcher chain is pleasantly simple, made from half-round wire circles that are connected in an alternating sequence. The circles are of identical shape and size and this style of the chain makes classic gold chains for women. It is characteristically heavier than the cable chain because of the cut and shape of the wire circles making it.  Simplicity is truly the game for this chain as it can fit on all occasions; worn as a solo chain or with a simple pendant added.

Box chain

Just as the name suggests, instead of circles, this style of chain is comprised of square links. It is a sturdy chain that makes for statement jewelry pieces. Because it is gender-neutral in design, stocks the style in both thick versions for men and thinner chains for women. It also pairs quite well with pendants making it a choice style for many beginners

Anchor chain

The name comes from the chains that sailors use to secure their boats. It is characterized by alternating round and oval links that are arranged horizontally then vertically. It is relatively heavy and is not typically a style that is common in making gold chains for women. However, lighter metal alloys are at times used and gold plated for the aesthetic. There are numerous of these on which are more popular with women who prefer lighter jewelry.

Cable chain

The cable chain, also known as the trace chain is quite similar to the anchor chain in the make by alternating round and oval links in vertical and horizontal positions. However, the main difference is in the size of the cable chain. It is smaller and consequently much lighter making it among the most classic and preferred chains for jewelry. Cable chain jewelry is among the top-selling on and is a worthy investment for beginners for how simple and versatile the style is making it wearable with almost everything in your wardrobe.

Cuban link chain

Cuban link chains have become so popular that sell the style from the thinnest to the chunkiest possible chains. It is a lot like the cable chain except the round or oval links are usually twisted and with a diamond cut flowing nicely and seamlessly into each other. This is an ideal style for beginners because this style of chain is popular with celebrities who some beginners wish to emulate. It can be a little heavy but lighter metal alloys are used and at times gold plated to give the same classic Cuban link chain style but without the heft. 

Snake chain

Even though there are several variations of this style from cobra to serpentine chains, the most classic and beginner-friendly is the flattened circles that are held in place by an underlying wire. This makes them flexible and the fluid movement reflects light giving the chain a reminiscent look of a snake’s skin. For beginners, this is an ideal piece because it is a statement jewelry piece on its own without needing to do so much to stand out.

Getting familiarized with the numerous styles of chains that are there is quite beneficial because it helps you choose the jewelry pieces that you are willing to have in pure gold form even with their substantial heft and those that you will choose to have gold plated from