Tips for Selling Jewelry Online

According to McKinsey and Company, the jewelry market is growing at a rate of 5-6% each year, and its value is expected to top 250 billion by 2020. Clearly, there is a huge market for all kinds of jewelry products and accessories. On e-commerce sites such as eBay and Amazon, you’ll find tons of jewelry companies vying for customers’ attention. If you want yours to stand out, here are five pro tips.

Be a Stickler for Quality

The best marketing strategy is to sell quality products. Regardless of your marketing strategy in closing a sale, don’t expect repeat customers if your products are not top-drawer. Always ensure that your handcrafted and personally assembled products are of high quality.

If you order jewelry wholesale from wholesalers or suppliers, make sure you work with wholesalers who have a track record of delivering the best products consistently. Selling fake or knockoff jewelry does not only destroy your record and reputation. It can also lead to the closure of your site or store.

Provide Product Information

For each product you list on your e-commerce store, add a comprehensive product description. Of course, you shouldn’t bore customers with long, drawn-out paragraphs but add simple and insightful descriptions to help your customer make an informed decision.

Strong product descriptions also help increase your store’s search rankings. That way, customers can easily find you when they search for a product. An in-depth product description should include:

  • Name of product
  • Price
  • Description of product
  • Features

Always add a picture of the product and any other information that you feel might help the customer make a buying decision. 

Give Customers Deals They Can’t Ignore

Who doesn’t like cutthroat deals? As long as you offer customers deals that your competitors are not offering, they are likely to troop to your store. This strategy will help you differentiate your store from hundreds, if not thousands, of other jewelry stores. 

You can give discounts or rebates to first-time buyers. You can also provide discounts for customers who recommend you to others and bring in more business. How about running a promotion during festive seasons like Thanksgiving or Christmas? That may just be your big break as a business. 

Get on Social Media

Undoubtedly, social media has dominated communication and advertising in the last two decades. That trend will not end anytime soon. If you want your business to thrive, you need to get on the social media marketing bandwagon. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to TikTok, there’s no shortage of social media platforms to market your business. While organic marketing can yield some results, you will likely reap bigger results when you start running paid ads. Run strategic, targeted campaigns to drive lead generation and sales.

Be Consistent

Above, we have shared some of the most critical steps to selling jewelry online. However, without consistency, you won’t see much results. Don’t expect your online shop to bring millions of dollars of revenue in no time. You’ll need to be patient and consistent to see results. Never stop selling your products. If someone makes a purchase, there’s a good chance that upselling or cross-selling will work with them.