Why are football players paid so much?

Athletes have always been respected, well paid and respected by people all across the world. The wages differ from one sport to another. It is excessively high in football where professionals can earn millions. Football was not a sport that led to so much money until the 1960s and 70s arrived. The several football clubs who make revenue via income from tickets being sold, merchandise, as well as winning tournaments are demanding for better talents from all across the world. If there is a supply of talented players like Messi or Ronaldo, football clubs can confidently enter into a contract with them, paying huge sums. These clubs eventually pay a high salary to all their players to establish a good relationship as well as boost their morale. For talented players, it is a way that can keep these players in the team for as long as the time for renewal of contract occurs. The average salary of a footballer per week should be $100,000 per week and nothing less than that.

What is the Scene today?

According to the data provided by SBOBET, the likes of Ronaldo and Messi earning over hundreds of millions annually by their football clubs as well as endorsements. If we are to ask the question of why the football players are paid so much, then it can be answered by one principle- the principle of supply and demand. Here, the need is for talented players like Messi and Ronaldo. The number of players like Messi and Ronaldo is strikingly less, thus, leading to such escalation of their annual salary. Teams bid to win talents into their club.

Other reasons why they are paid so much-

There are no drafts or salary cap for players or teams which pay high sums. Companies, too, are heavily leaned towards getting associated with the players to endorse their brands as football gets maximum exposure in the world. No other sport has received such widespread attention and viewership across television and other media platforms. Premier League has offered brands a platform to endorse their brands by sponsoring the league. Football clubs gather loads of revenue via TV viewership that influxes via Premier League. Jersey sponsorships are a significant source of boosting revenue as brands want to subconsciously embed into the heads of viewers their brands and logos.

Also, football players have a tiny window in their lifetime of practice to play big leagues and win. It is somewhat justified as they work hard all their life to compete for only a few years and retire early. It is also possible for an excellent player to retire early if they get severely injured. With so many sponsors for such talented players, it is obvious that the footballers will be paid high wages for the rare talents the football player exhibits.

Apart from these factors, there are several reasons to validate the high wages of football players-

  • Talent and Skills
  • How the player has performed over the years
  • International status
  • Age
  • What league the player has played in


Thus, football is a sport where players earn millions of dollars for working hard all their life and working for a short span. With the beautiful exhibition of their talent, they earn the high wages sourced from the football clubs and endorsements. Interested in football? Check the latest stats of your favorite teams on Livescore section of Buaksib.