Child Advocates of Fort Bend Receives Grant From Waller County

Child Advocates of Fort Bend was a recipient of state funds to Waller County to provide forensic interviews, therapy and clinical services to children who are victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse and witnesses to violent crime. The funds are in standing with the partnership between the two agencies as Child Advocates of Fort Bend officially serves Waller County and Austin County with its full array of services and programs through its Children’s Advocacy Center and are available for child victims and families whose cases are in Waller County.

“These funds will help provide critical resources for our programs, and we are honored to work with the Waller County District Judge Trey Duhon to help bring healing and justice to child victims,” stated Child Advocates of Fort Bend CEO Ruthanne Mefford.” “Sadly, we expect to see more children in need of services in the coming months once children return to school in person and can be observed by teachers and other adults who can make reports,” she added.

The Children’s Advocacy Center along with a Multi-Disciplinary Team of legal, law enforcement, medical and social service professionals provide a collaborative, coordinated response so that children can recover and get justice from their circumstances.

As a bonus the Waller County District Attorney’s Office also made Child Advocates of Fort Bend its beneficiary in a local restaurant, Classic Events Café, “best of meal” contest between Waller’s District Attorney and the County Judge with the DA’s meal of ground beef steak coming out on top.

About Child Advocates of Fort Bend:

Child Advocates of Fort Bend is a non-profit agency dedicated to providing a voice, healing the hurt and breaking the cycle of child abuse in Fort Bend County. Through its Court Appointed Special Advocates Program (CASA), Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) and more than 200 trained community volunteer advocates – Child Advocates of Fort Bend provided life-changing services to 2,690 children and families in 2019. Since opening its doors in 1991, the agency has served more than 17,000 children.