Best Coffee Related Gifts

The love of coffee is on the rise. And that means it is becoming more and more likely that at some point in the near future you may have to buy a gift for an avid coffee drinker. So what should you get them? What will they like? Here are three simple but safe suggestions:

  1. Personalized Coffee Cup 

Every coffee lover enjoys not only a good coffee but a good cup to drink that morning brew from. So a fun idea can be to either buy or make (it is surprisingly easy) a personalized coffee cup. You simply pick an appropriate coffee SVG that you think they will like and then it can be put onto a plain mug either by you (with a cricut machine) or professionals. 

  • An Aeropress

This iconic although slightly strange coffee brewer is a fantastic present for any dedicated coffee lover. It is more expensive than the coffee cup, but is a coveted possession among coffee lovers. It is easy to use, fun to brew with, and makes delicious coffee. I can guarantee that either they will instantly love or come to love it!

  • Some quality coffee beans 

This one will take a little more intentional work but again is sure to be well received. Basically you will have to know beforehand whether they grind their own beans, and what type of coffee maker they use. But then it is as simple as typing into google ‘best specialty coffee roasters near me’ and contacting them for beans. Let them know whether you need it pre-ground or whole bean, and what type of coffee maker your friend/loved one uses and they will sort you out with some great beans!

Happy Buying!