SoloForce Reviews – Does SoloForce Solar Power Bank Really Work?

SoloForce is a solar power bank that works actively, allowing users to charge their phones on the go without the need for a charging cable or slot. This intelligently built power bank has redefined wireless charging through its advanced design and functioning. It is up for grabs at a 50% off discounted price on the official website currently.

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Day after day, technology is advancing, and we humans are becoming more used to our phones. Our phones are no longer a luxury but a necessity. We rely on our phones for everything, from taking notes to recording videos, streamlining videos, to even checking new updates. As the use and need for phones have been increasing, the demand for power banks is growing hand in hand. Today, almost every other person owns a power bank in order to charge their phones on the go, if need be.

Although, with the increasing supply of power banks in the market, most of the power banks being manufactured consist of low-quality material, batteries, and built, which makes their life short. Though the standard low-quality power banks come at a highly reasonable price, their batteries don’t last for much long.

Finally, manufacturers of SoloForce power bank have come up with a high-quality solar energy power bank that works wirelessly and effectively without the need for a connection. This solar power bank is the perfect replacement for the everyday average power banks used by most people.

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SoloForce Review

SoloForce solar power bank is beautifully designed, having a classic built and outlook. Unlike the bulky and unattractive power banks usually available in the market, this sleek power bank has a very modern and nice body.

The best part about this power bank is that it does not require a wire connection or port to be charged; the power bank uses sunlight as a source of energy to charge itself. Just leave the power bank under the sun, and it’s good to go. The device has an LED solar indicator that indicates whether the power bank is charging or not.

The power bank’s texture is rubberized, which makes it easy to grip and carry around. The device also comes with a carry loop, to enable users to quickly hook or attach the power bank to their bags or wherever.

As per the official website, SoloForce power bank is a powerful charger, carrying 20,000 mAH of battery power storage. Once the device is fully charged, users can easily keep their phones charged throughout a day, or instantly charge their phones on the go.

The power LED of the device is bright and powerful, having many functions. The LED light can last up to 70 hours, so it is great for emergencies or power outages.

In short, the powerful device looks classy, packs a lot of power, is easy to carry around, and charges through sunlight without requiring a charging port or wire.

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Benefits of Purchasing SoloForce

As mentioned on the official website, this power bank comes with many benefits:

Fast Wireless Charging

For the modern man who’s always on the go, the fantastic power bank is perfect. Users don’t need a charging wire, nor do they need a charging port. Needless to say, the solar energy power bank does not use any electricity, which makes it power-friendly.

The high technology used in manufacturing the SoloForce power bank allows it to provide fast charging wirelessly, through solar energy. It’s your choice, and you can either charge your phone through a standard charging cable or quick charge it wirelessly.

Multiple connection options

For input, the device features both a micro USB slot and a Type C USB slot to support more recently launched phones. For output, the device includes a USB-A1 port, USB-A2 port, and Type C port. The many connection options allow the power bank to connect with several devices if need be. The device also supports both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 standards.

Charges up to four devices at once

SoloForce solar power bank can charge up to four devices at once, which makes it an excellent purchase for friends and families. Even for those who own more than a single phone, the device is quite handy as they can quickly charge all their phones at once.

Connections for almost any device

Whether you have an android, MAC, or IOS phone, this power bank supports them all and nearly any type of connection. Thankfully the manufacturers have built plenty of connection options, making their target market wider.

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What Makes SoloForce Better Than Alternative Power Banks?

SoloForce charger claims to be an energy-friendly invention, allowing users to minimize their electricity use and utilize solar energy to charge their phones. Other power banks take a lot of electricity to charge and aren’t of any use without a proper electric connection or port.

The device is classy and has an excellent outlook, making it attractive for users and those around them. Who doesn’t want to replace the bulky, unattractive power banks with compact, classy ones after all?

The wireless power bank does not contain cheap batteries or material, as do other power banks in the market. The interior and exterior material used to manufacture the wireless device is of high quality, ensuring users that it will last a long time.

This power bank supports all types of phones as it has multiple charging ports.

One can charge four phones at a time with this fantastic power bank, making it perfect for families or friends to share and use.

The power bank also has a high power LED that can last up to 70 hours in a go, making it helpful in case of a power outage or emergency.

What Does SoloForce Wireless Power Bank Include?

The device comes with a full detailed instruction manual, which allows any user to understand its working. If there’s any question, the manual will probably answer it for you. The power bank is designed easy to use anyways, having a simple structure, and basic indications.

The device will also include a charging cable for those who want to charge their phones through a regular wire connection only. Everyone has their own preference, which is why the manufacturers of SoloForce power bank have included a connection wire in the original packaging.

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Are There Any Cons of Buying SoloForce Power bank?

There aren’t any significant drawbacks of purchasing the fantastic solar power bank, except for a few things that you may keep in mind.

Firstly, for those who don’t live in an area where the sun comes out more often, the device is hard to charge daily. You must have access to sunlight in order to utilize solar energy and charge the power bank.

Secondly, the power bank is exclusively available online through the official website link. You may not find the device at a regular electronics store, yet.

Where to Buy SoloForce? Pricing and Refund Details

This can be purchased online through a few clicks, from the official website link given below;

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The power bank is currently available on an exclusive 50% discount and bundle offers, making it pretty reasonable and great value for money. You can even order the device and gift it to your loved ones on a special occasion; rest assured that they’ll love it.

  • A single SoloForce charger is for $89.98
  • Two devices are for $179.96
  • Three devices are for $202.46
  • Four devices are for $269.94

There is a minimal shipping fee applicable upon each order. You can purchase the charging device from the comfort of your homes, through a few clicks only. There’s also a money back guarantee of 30 days on unused/unopened packages. Please read the complete terms and conditions on the official website.

SoloForce Reviews – Final Verdict

Power banks are in high demand nowadays, where everyone is dependent on their phones for almost everything. The sad part is that most power banks available in the market aren’t high quality, and don’t perform well for long due to the low-quality material used in its manufacturing.

The latest SoloForce wireless power bank seems like a fantastic invention, as it allows users to utilize solar energy and charge their phones through sunlight energy. Who knew one could charge their phones without electricity.

This power bank is perfect for those who are always on the go and like to look professional, as the device not only works wirelessly to charge your phone but also looks nice and classy.

The device has a fantastic grip, comes with a powerful LED light, is simple to use, and easy to carry, what else could you ask for in a power bank. The battery power in the power bank is extremely powerful, having 20,000 mAh. The best part is that the device can charge 4 phones at once, which makes it ideal for families and groups of friends.

Currently, SoloForce power bank is available on an exclusive 50% discount, which makes it great value for money and is also the perfect time to give this fantastic device a try. Order yours now, before the power banks run out of stock.

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