LCS2 Reviews (Lead Conversion Squared) – Does LCS Squared Really Work? [2020 UPDATE]

LCS2 (Lead Conversion Squared) is a software designed for entrepreneurs running online businesses and looking to expand their digital marketing footprint. The CRM software focuses on helping businesses grow through webinars that target the secret to gaining long-term customers and increasing sales through simple marketing tricks.

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Lead Conversion Squared Review

One can apply many complex marketing tactics, but the secret to attracting and holding onto customers lies simply in customizing your business’s landing page and creating connections that shall allow potential customers to navigate your product or service easily. LCS2 Lead Conversion Squared is focused on helping business owner’s make their business landing pages easily accessible to enable users to sign up for your emails quickly and spontaneously.

The software also provides a virtual assistant trained well enough to guide users through the process of customizing their landing pages in the best and most straightforward way possible. People who think they do not need this software because their businesses are already going good, it can do wonders and help your business do even better.

Currently, LCS Squared is in a pre-launch phase, which means anyone can register for the launch directly through a Clickbank account. The best part about joining the launch is that those who invite others to join this fantastic program will automatically become eligible to win prizes worth thousands of dollars. The prize listed for the top seller is 1000000 USD, followed by other prizes, including a BMW.

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Creators of Lead Conversion Squared Software


Chad Nicely

One founder of the year’s top digital marketing software LCS2 is Chad Nicely. Chad initially intended to become a police officer, but had a heart change and fell into the business world. Chad’s first business startup was a web-design company established in 1999, though websites were not very famous.

Chad believed it was important for any company to have a website page, and the idea slowly and gradually became famous as the internet became famous amongst the population.

Today Chad is quite successful at what he does, as he leads a popular blog that teaches businesses how to market their product or services. Chad’s target audience learns about digital marketing through sessions and webinars.

Chad is a huge contributor to the creation of LCS Squared, along with Daven Michaels.

Daven Michaels

The second founder of LCS software is the world-famous entrepreneur known for his business startups that he initiated when he was only 15 years old. In a 30-year career, Michaels was able to start three businesses, including 123employee, a virtual employee company in Philippine.

Today, Daven is known for his sense of business, and marketing techniques, which is why he collaborated with Chad to create this essential software to help businesses grow.

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How Does Lead Conversion Squared Work?

Almost every business owner uses a specific CRM for their sale funnels, for instance, clickfunnels. LCS Squared allows users to build a capable system that ensures a collection of high-quality leads. The process includes automated follow-ups, a thorough sales pipeline, a tagging system, and a text-based follow-through system.

The high-quality leads allow one’s business to reach a much larger target audience and keep them engaged daily. The secret to a business’s success isn’t in reaching success alone but reminding people of the offered good and services to ensure they continue to purchase your product.

Lead Conversion Squared also helps people redesign their business landing page, enabling it to be easily reachable by potential buyers. Having an accessible and attractive landing page allows users to reach a higher number of target audiences than other marketing tactics.

The app also enables business owners to attach videos as reminders to leads, which is a unique and personalized gesture that is not prevalent in today’s business world.

For all those who want 1000 leads per month to grow their business, LCS2 software offers a virtual assistant that makes this possible. The virtual assistant is fed all the information necessary to guide a newbie in making their landing page, in a way that shall attract consumers.

The rule for any business is the same; the more the leads, the more the income. The fantastic software provides all that a business needs to gain significant leads and grow. With this simple investment, one can get a life-long increase in income.

There is only one phrase that sums up this fantastic product – Business in a box. LCS2 software helps you gain reach and gain customers, leading to an exponential increase in your regular income, and business value altogether.

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Best Feature of the LCS2

The follow-up system of LCS Squared makes it a must-buy because, through the fantastic system, users can reach their audiences or potential and existent customers through multiple forums. Following up is a great way to remind people of your product or service to make sure they stay put. It also allows you to convert your leads into customers, leading to business growth.

Where to Buy Lead Conversion Squared and Pricing

LCS2 Lead Conversion Squared is in its pre-launch phase at the moment, due to which the website has not listed any cost as of yet.

What is Lead Conversion?

  • A lead reaches a particular AD through their Instagram, shown through demographics or a particular page they liked, targeted towards them.
  • The instant reaction of the lead will be to click on the AD, and it will land them onto your business landing page.
  • Once they reach the landing page, the lead will be offered a special lead magnet that will require personal details.
  • You now have the email address and contact information of your lead, who is a potential customer.
  • This is your chance to convert this lead into a customer through email campaigns etc.
  • At one point or another, the lead will purchase your good or product if they’re sold by the campaign.
  • Congratulations, your lead is now a customer. However, the campaigns and reminders are still necessary to keep the customer and make them a permanent buyer.

Another example

  • Your AD shows up on a leads social media wall, and they instantly click onto the AD.
  • The lead is automatically given your phone number, where they can contact you regarding your business product or service.
  • You talk to the lead and exchange questions and answers.
  • If the lead makes a purchase, you’ve gained a customer. If the lead does not make a purchase, they probably weren’t a potential buyer.

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What’s a CRM Software, and How is it Beneficial?

The full form of CRM is customer relationship management. The purpose of CRM software is to analyze and keep track of all ongoing customer interactions, allowing you to analyze where improvement is needed.

LCS2 software not only gives an outlook on customer relationship interactions but also helps improve customer relationships. Improving customer relationships is highly beneficial for the business and leads to high purchases and more frequent and permanent customers. The CRM does not only target current customers but targets potential customers as well.

CRM is also capable of;

Consolidating and storing data: You can store your client’s data with ease, and access it whenever need be. It can otherwise be tough to store so much data and skim through the data to find relevant details. Thankfully, CRM has made customer data handling a piece of cake.

Keeping the process of customer acquisition flowing: CRM uses proper communication channels to capture leads and convert them into customers. Then those channels are used to keep the customers engaged and connected with your business.

Improving customer service experience: This a plus point for any business. When it comes to customer care and support, one might need to pull out information instantly on call. CRM allows users to quickly lookup details and data stored regarding any customer, providing prompt answers and excellent customer service.

What’s a Lead Magnet?

Anything offered free of cost in return for necessary information of a potential lead or customer is a lead magnet. This is where the lead becomes attached to your product and receives updates and campaigns through email and phone, enabling the lead to become a customer.

LCS2 Lead Conversion Squared Reviews – Final Thoughts

With the increase in businesses worldwide, the competition is quite high, and it’s hard to capture leads and convert them into customers. LCS2 is a great launch and is likely to be the digital marketing launch of the decade.

For anyone wanting to grow their business and reach hundreds to thousands of people all at once, LCS2 is the pure definition of ‘Business in a box.’ The fantastic software offers all that is needed for a business to reach a massive amount of customers within no time.

Though the competition amongst the market is high, Lead Conversion Squared software can help any business become a market leader through simple and easy steps. The one-time investment is a lifetime return, potentially leading to a higher income generation and more significant business value.

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