Why you should’ve Pencil Pleat Curtains At Least Once in Your Lifetime

Pencil pleat curtains find its name from the pleats resembling pencils hung in a row. It is not easy to underestimate the power of draperies in transforming the interior of your home sweet home. Various kinds of panels are available in the market, yet the present trend speaks of this heading style of draperies. Contrary to eyelet draperies, they also go good with traditional window frames. Many people think that these draperies are out of fashion in this present era compared to eyelet draperies, but this is not true. Instead, they look stunning in a contemporary room.

The perfect image of these portieres with traditional frameworks makes its customers complement that sophisticated and classic match. These panels are available both readymade and can be created on-demand to fit the size of your window. Even the oversized windows adorned with these draperies display the most beautiful scenery for your everyday first-morning sight.

These beauties are available in many hues and patterns, presenting a wide range to ease selection for every individual according to the wall décor or floor pattern—fabric and materials for these portieres come in a fantastic variety of colors from basic to patterned, cotton blend, linen, silk, faux silk, and satin as well. Even pencil pleat blackout headers are also available.

These uniform edged panels are attractive in casual settings rather than for a business or a formal setting. It means you are going to décor your lounge or a bedroom. Such draperies give a soft, sophisticated look to your lounge or a bedroom that will bring a smile on your face whenever you are observing around since colors have power over one’s mood. These soft, semi-sheer, easing draping panels not only provide privacy but also allow just enough daylight to enter your room, making it cheerful and providing you serenity.

The small and tightly pleated portieres comprise of a lined drape at the top that draws together into regularly spaced pleats. They can be dressed up on a panel rod or can be hung with some panel hooks. You can also use a rope pull to open and close your panels. These draperies, when drawn in the evening, will add on the dramatic effect of the sunset. But first, you learn how to hang the portraits; you should learn how to measure them to fit the size of your window. The following method applies to all window dimensions.

Measuring Curtains:

This heading style should have precise dimensions to meet up the standard of accuracy that defines perfection. That admirable work of art starts with the selection of fabric that suits the weather and interior designing of your home also the heading tape because it will affect the width of your blinds. Measure the panel rod or pole at different points since the alignment of all metal frames or windowsills is not always the same. With such heading style, standard heading tape will be the best one to opt for. Before starting the measurement, you should gather all the essentials to ease your work.

Essentials Required:

Pencil, paper, metal measuring tape, calculator and, of course, your fabric and heading tape.

Measure all the widths for your blinds by using a pole or any other helpful equipment and multiply that length with 1.5 cm when using a heading tape and 2.5 cm when using another heading tape or no. Add 20cm for the side hems and divide this according to the width of the fabric. Measure the length of the material for your draperies. If you are going to hang your drapes dressed up on a panel rod having rings, then start measuring from the base of the rings, and if you want your drapes to touch the floor, add 5cm to your total measurement. While buying, you should consider that the pattern and design of the fabric will affect the length of cloth.

If you are using a simple design, then just multiply the number of widths with an extra 10 cm length for every panel. But if you are using a specific pattern that needs to start at the same point, you need to cut the height accordingly. This accurate cutting will give an even appearance to your draperies. Lining fabric for the panels should be of the same measurement as the fabric for your drapery. For heading tape, add 10 cm to the original length of the panel pole. This best step by step guide on how to measure fabric for your draperies will help you not to spend too much on the cloth. If you can buy pencil pleat curtain in affordable price then visit ImperialRooms online store of UK.

Sewing Guide to your Blinds:

Cut the fabric according to the dimensions of your window and lining fabric just the same but 4 inches less in width. Sew half inch seam on both sides by the length of your material but stop sewing 10 inches from the bottom. Turn over the fabric and iron the sewed edges. Sew the heading tape a half-inch from the side. Sew this lengthwise in the same dimension to avoid scrunching. Blind stitch the hem and fold heading tape with your fingers. Secure the threads by knotting then trim the excess cord.

Ways of Hanging such panels:

Float: In this way, your draperies remain just above the ground and drop directly straight without any folds and waves fallen on the floor for this purpose keep your calculation half-inch less in height.

Kiss: Here, your portiere barely meets the floor. Precise measurement of fabric length, hooks length and diameter of the panel pole is essential to get that flawless look.

Puddle: In this hanging technique, your drapery flares on the ground just as the beautiful princess cloak entrusting the romantic, feminine feel.

Color Scheme Suggestions:

A burnt orange plain pencil pleat header goes fabulous with grey, white, off white, moon white wall paint. A colored drapery may be a plain pink to basic white adorned with cute little bright red floral print looks chic with pure white wallpaper. You can choose fresh and light colors in summer-like blue curacao, coral pink, Biscay green, island paradise, silver cloud, lavender. For a warm cozy appearance of your home in winters, you can use colors like brown, burgundy, dark teal, navy, fuchsia, coffee or a cherry red color.

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