Businesses should operate online more during COVID-19: Essential business guidelines by Marc Ravenscroft

As it stands currently, COVID-19 has failed to disappear from the global stage. The amount of positive cases and COVID-19 caused death are still increasing. Thankfully, the recovery rates are also growing, which provides some optimism regarding the end of the global pandemic. With no clear end in sight, it is imperative to continue wearing masks in public, using hand sanitizers and cleansers, and maintain social distancing. Working from home has become the new norm to uphold the COVID-19 related restrictions. Businesses, too, are adapting to the new operational strategies; from meetings to sales – everything is happening online. To stay afloat during these unprecedented times, businesses need to start operating online and leverage digital technologies, with an emphasis on social media.

Online/social media, COVID-19, and business survival – Going the Marc Ravenscroft way

Online shopping has become popular over the past decade.  Before COVID-19, online shopping was primarily utilized by those who don’t have the time to visit stores; today, it has become a necessity for all. Businesses need to listen to their consumers’ new habits and use this change in the market to up their digital and social media marketing strategies. They also need to enhance their online presence and brand promotion. So, where does one start? Prominent sales and marketing expert Marc Mitchell Ravenscroft has some helpful tips below.

  1. Update your website

Perhaps the very best place to start is the beginning. A business’s website is the first online reference point for your customers and other online users. Take time to browse through your website and check the pages that need editing. However, don’t make changes that will confuse your customers; always keep the brand logo, trademark, and brand colors the same, as your customers have a preconceived notion of your brand’s specific color scheme and branding.

You should enable an option that will allow people to purchase your products directly from your page. Check the payment gateways and ensure its security regarding the exchange of financial data and transactions. If you haven’t already, incorporate links to all of your social media pages on your website. This will increase your overall traffic and encourage your customers to engage across all platforms.

  1. Announce on social media

If want to sell your products online via social media, your website or both, your audience needs to know it. More customers are turning to online shopping than ever before, so it is important to reiterate across all platforms what your shop has in stock. It will help to clear all confusion and provide clarity. Special promotions and sales can help boost your sales during this time.

  1. Assess your online reputation and address issues

The majority of businesses in recent times have witnessed a slowdown in their market. There’s less employee strength now, which indicates reduced work and productivity level. You can use the time at hand to check your online reputation. Search online to find out what others are speaking about your brand. It’s also an excellent time to conduct a customer and media dipstick. It will help you to know how people perceive your brand. If there has been an adverse reporting in the recent past, try and promote positive articles and blogs concerning your brand updates, to erase any negative connotations that might exist. It will help to boost your online reputation management. A favorable brand reputation is always conducive for gaining profitable business opportunities.

  1. Make interesting social media posts

It is best to leverage social media interactions, as the pandemic has severely decreased the amount of face-to-face interactions. You should make a post of the online service deliveries that you are carrying out every day. It will help your audience to know how you are carrying out business amidst the pandemic. Take time to interact with your audience and answer their queries. This can help create a loyal customer base and strengthen the local awareness of your brand.

  1. Connect with social influencers

When you collaborate with a social media influencer, your customer base can grow tenfold. Influencers have arisen with the rise of social media, and should not be overlooked as a tactic you can utilize to grow your business. With even one mention by a social media influencer, you will see a massive increase in engagement with your online platforms.

It is critical for the success of your business to maintain continuous engagement online during this pandemic. Conducting business online is one of the safest ways for organizations to stay afloat during the uncertainty of the global economy. The aforementioned tactics can help you achieve this goal.