Different Types of Poker Games

Poker is popular in the modern-day world. Many people participate in the games as part of recreation or to earn money. When poker is mentioned, people only think about Texas Hold’em, but many types of poker can be played in situs Judi bola. It is essential to learn them to select the best game for yourself. Poker has a lot of variants that have come up, especially in recent years. The various options include;

Texas Hold’em

It is the most popular variant of poker. The popularity is due to how easy one can learn. Players are dealt with two cards. They are five community cards that the players try and make the best poker hand. The rules are simple and many sources from which you can learn to improve your game better. The causes are books, videos, and even articles with lots of poker information.

Omaha Hi

It is also known but not as much as Texas Hold’em. If you know how to play Texas hold’em, then Omaha Hi will be pretty easy for you to learn. Omaha Hi uses the same rules as Texas Hold’em, the only difference being that the players are dealt with four cards. It is not as popular as Texas Hold’em as not many casinos have the tables.

7-card stud

It is different from the other variants of poker. Some of the cards in the option will be face down while others will be face up. Mostly the face downs are three, and face-ups are 4. The players try getting the best 5-card hand to win. The 7-card stud was famous before the emergence of Texas Hold’em.


It is another type of poker but with a different ranking system. It uses four cards for ranking instead of 5. It takes time to learn because of the various ranking systems. It was started in the 1980s and is played in some casinos and also in-home games.

5-card stud

A poker game where the player needs to have the best five ranked studs to win the game and players are dealt with five cards and can be allowed to trade up to three of them. If you are looking for a straightforward poker game packed with lots of excitement, you should choose 5-card stud. The game has only one drawing road hence its simplicity.

Short Deck

A variance of Hold’em that is easy to learn. It has, in recent years, been featured in competitions. It is known as a short deck because it has only 36 playing cards. The reduced number of cards makes it easier to get high ranked hands often.


It is a type of a stud game where players try to achieve the lowest ranking. The lowest rank in the Razz variation of poker is usually the best rank.

Bottom line

The poker is an exciting game with many variants. The variants have different play rules, and you should learn them before you start playing. Learn the different gameplays and find the variance you are good at can deliver excellent results. Poker can be for fun and also for making money.