Benjamin Gordon: COVID-19’s Impact on Supply Chains and Syringes

A recent article from NBC reported that the CEO of Becton Dickinson, the world’s largest manufacturer of syringes, believes that unless people in all sectors of the production and supply chain act quickly, manufacturers may not be able to meet the increasing demand for medical supplies. As the COVID-19 situation increases in severity, this becomes an increasingly salient concern. America’s emergency personal and essential workers must keep working in order for the US to effectively flatten the curve, otherwise everyone will be put at risk if the country reopens too soon.

Benjamin Gordon, a leading expert on supply chain management, brought this news to light in a recent post on Twitter. Gordon, the CEO of Cambridge Capital, a West Palm Beach-based private equity investor in transportation, logistics, and supply chain technology businesses, is a pioneer when it comes to advocating for good supply chain management. Because the supply chain is essential in everyone’s daily lives, even those who may not realize it, it is important for those with knowledge of supply chains to bring attention to issues arising within the field.

The NBC article continued, suggesting that if people were to wait until demand for syringes increased (most likely after a vaccine for novel coronavirus is found), then it would be too late for companies to act. Demand would quickly overrun supply, and companies would not be able to keep up. This would put millions of peoples’ jobs at risk, and spell disaster not only for syringe manufacturers, but also companies in related logistics and economics sectors.

Benjamin Gordon knew the significance of this report, and he knew that vigilance would be key in both identifying and rectifying this issue. The entirety of America’s economy is at risk because of this pandemic. Of course, no one could have foreseen the current consequences the country is facing, but thanks to experts like Benjamin Gordon, these issues are being brought to the forefront. Hopefully, because of this, people can come up with effective solutions to squash these fears and potentially devastating predictions before they occur.

Perhaps as the world rebuilds itself, global powers can come together to find a solution to this problem. In this digital age, companies have no excuse to not communicate with one another; maybe the solution lies on the world wide web. Through careful communication, companies may be able to solve this problem and benefit the entire world. Even companies who, before the pandemic, may not have corresponded with each other, might find common ground and work together to rectify the current predicted supply chain problems.

Because the supply chain for so many industries is spread all across the globe, this seems like a possible solution. In trying times like these, what the world needs the most is the ability to put aside differences and come together to find solutions to problems. If not, those problems, which may only plague a few countries at first, might grow out of control, harming economies on a global scale. Through cooperation, the world can fight this pandemic and rise from it victorious and better than ever before. Also US based needy students can apply for Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach Scholarship.