7 Simple Ways To Dress Up Your Dog

Humans and dogs are friends since ages human, and dogs’ friendship is one of the earliest known human-animal associations on earth. It’s been so long that rather than a pet, dogs have become like our family members. And because of that reason, it has become essential to dress them like one. It is fun dressing up your dog and is the right way of showing affection towards them. But in the process, it is essential to take care of your pet’s comfort and will. To help to keep yourself and your pet safe and stress-free, here are the steps to dress up your dog.

Ways to dress up your dog

  1. Measure your dog: – It is essential to know the perfect size of your pet. Take a soft measuring tape and start with measuring from the neck, take an accurate reading and note it on a paper. Next, go toward measurement of the length of your dog, start from the neck and measure till the base of your pet’s tail. Lastly, measure the circumference of your pet, start from the point just behind front legs and measure it around the side and note the readings.
  2. Prepare your pet: – Pets have their own space of comfort, and if you plan to buy something fancy for your pet for the first time, consider proposing them some simple old clothes to prepare them. Once your four-legged buddy is comfortable with essential fabrics then try the fancy stuff, you are planning for him.
  3. Choose the right apparel: – Make sure to buy the perfect fitted dress for your pet according to the measurement you took. You can check for an online size chart before choosing the dress. Check for the material of the apparel; it should not be itchy or discomforting. Avoid buying a dress with small ornaments or chemicals on it; your pet may chew or engulf some of these materials and may become seriously ill because of that.

Buy a dress that suits your pet and matches your pet’s coat colour and personality. And make sure to buy matching fancy dog collars that go with the dress. You can get different types of apparel for your pet & save big on Pet Supplies

  1. Introduce new apparel to your dog: – Preparing your pet for fancy dressing is a slow and steady process; you can never rush your pet into it. Sometime it may take weeks for your pet to get comfortable with a fancy new dress. To familiarize your dog with his clothing, let your dog allow sniffing the material. After some time, but the stuff on the back of your pet, and let him get comfortable with the content of cloth. Reward them for building their confidence in the new dress.
  2. Ensure your pet’s safety and comfort: – Purchase a dress made of pet-specific cloths only, it’s quite crucial for your pet. Make sure the dress doesn’t cover eyes, nose, and ears which may reduce your pet’s sensing abilities and provides proper functionality to your pet so that your pet can go on freely. Also, make sure that the dress is according to the weather conditions, you wouldn’t want your pet to feel overheated because of the extra fabric layers on the dress.
  3. Observe your dog’s body language: – Constantly observe for the signs of discomfort in your pet’s body language. No doubt your pet looks extremely adorable but not at the cost of your pet’s discomfort. Look for the signs like lowered head, round eyes or flat ears; these could be the sign of distress and pain. If you find any of these signs or some other signs, find another dress or do something to make him comfortable, nothing is more important than your little four-legged friend.
  4. Don’t let them be swamped: – Your pet will look incredibly adorable but don’t give a lot of people swamp them. This may make your pet conscious and discomfort. In the beginning, they may feel good interacting with some people, but if the number of people keeps increasing, he may feel distressed. And always know when to quit, if you think your pet is way too irritated, take a few pictures for the memory and remove the dress off your dog’s body.

These are some of the steps and essential things to take care of while dressing your four-legged friend. His comfort is the most crucial aspect in the complete process, never compromise with that. If you feel difficulty in finding suitable dresses for your buddy, try online venders or other pet owners for the consultancy. Local pet stores can also be an excellent spot to get a hold on perfect attire for your pet. For any other type of consultancy, vets are an ideal option. They provide advice on their knowledge and experience. You couldn’t ask your vet about the latest fashion or what will look good on your pet, but they can provide advice about the type of cloth you should try, and what things will be comfortable for your pet and what will make them anxious.