Online vs offline slots: Payouts, RTPs and Experience

When it comes to online gaming, the options that are now available to us are more than ever before, and the games as well as the developers and software plus the online casinos that you can play the best rtp slots here are included under that umbrella of a sentence too.

It makes sense, as the online boom has meant a real shift in the way that we do everything that we do in our lives now. It was not and is not just gaming and gambling that felt the impact of everything going digital over the course of a decade – banks, retail and other industries were first in line to be affected by the digital wave.

Online and offline slots

So having said that, it would be fair to state that online slots and casinos have literally never been easier to play from, in terms of accessing the games themselves and finding a device to play them from. The fact that most of these online slots have been optimised for gameplay across a range of devices also means that it is easy to see why these have got so much popularity over the course of time that they were introduced when the online boom really took off.

This kind of gaming revolution also means that there are more and more bonuses and jackpots to take advantage of as the industry continues to grow, and the fact that we can play these kinds of games when ever we want to when ever we want to from any device only helps that.

So what about the offline slots? Gamblers can still get their fix with the old school bricks and mortar slot games which any of us can play with as long as we are willing to leave the house. But in terms of online vs offline slots, who is the real winner and which is actually better?

Online vs offline slots: Online casinos can be played in complete comfort

When it comes to actually finding a place to play a slot game, if you live somewhere which does not really have great transport links or a casino nearby then you really are going to struggle, and this is where the online slots really take the cake when it comes to which is best for convenience.

Online casinos and the slot games available are more unlikely to close down too, which is not the case of course for offline slot games because of course casino houses do get closed down. Having said that, offline slot games can not be hacked either, which is the case for online slots.

But there really is something to be said for the fact that you can play online slots from the comfort of your own home with very little to no interruptions or irritation aspects you might normally think of when you want to go out to a casino and play an offline slot.

Online vs offline slots: A higher range of gams to play with online slots

It is fair to say that in general, online slots have got more to offer players in terms of the gaming options available than the local offline casino does. This is especially true too when it comes to the world of slot games.

Not only will online slots give you more choices of games to pick from, but with online slots you can also get a range of varieties of slots in terms of different themes and jackpot levels.

Online vs offline slots: More of a real life social experience offline

Of course, offline slots take the prize for being the more sociable option for those of us who would rather play slot games around other people and friends and this is especially true if you are the kind of person who enjoys dressing up and heading to the casino every once in a while. If the casino is fitting for that of course.

Online vs offline slots: You can play for free online

When you choose to play with offline casinos, the chances are that you have to pay a fee for a casino membership which is usually about £20 before you get the chance to actually play a game, and then when you do choose a game to play, you will have to do that without getting a chance to test it out first.

Of course, that is not the case online. Having said that, in an offline casino you can actually win real cash, but you just do not get the chance to play games without risking your money in the process either way. With online casinos you get the chance to test it out first.

Online vs offline slots: You get more freebies with offline slot games

With offline casinos and slot games, to lure you in or keep you as a customer you will get free drinks and sometimes meals or snacks as you go into the casino to game. And you do not need to have been going for years either.

Having said that, this kind of treatment comes with its own pros and cons, as alcohol money and gambling have often historically not been the best concoction for us humans. And, that being said, with online casinos you do get a lot of free bonus games and other offers to take advantage of that offline slot games and casinos do not offer.

Online vs offline slots: You get higher RTPs when you game with online slots

When it comes to the slot RTPs which means the return to player percentage you do actually find a bit more online than when it comes to offline as land based slots are already programmed with set RTPs that can not be changed.

Online vs offline slots: who wins

It can be hard to choose which is best when it comes to the best slot games online or offline, but ultimately it will depend on the player in question and what they prefer when they are gaming.