TPWD Commission Approves the 2024–2033 Land and Water Plan

AUSTIN – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission (Commission) approved the 2024–2033 Land and Water Resources Conservation and Recreation Plan (Land and Water Plan) during its Nov. 2 meeting in Austin.

The 2024–2033 Land and Water Plan serves as the strategic visionary document that will guide and evaluate the effectiveness of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) in fulfilling its mission over the next decade. Commissioners will monitor the plan’s progress and delivery quarterly and include a comprehensive progress report assembled every five years.

The updated Land and Water Plan was guided by the Commission’s Subcommittee for Conservation and Recreation Planning, consisting of commissioners Travis B. “Blake” Rowling (Subcommittee Chair), James E. Abell and Robert L. “Bobby” Patton, Jr.

“The department is incredibly grateful for the leadership and direction provided by commissioners Rowling, Abell, and Patton in undertaking the update of our Land and Water Plan, as well as numerous stakeholders who provided valuable and substantive recommendations on priorities and strategies for meeting the current and future conservation and outdoor recreation needs of the state,” said TPWD Executive Director David Yoskowitz, Ph.D. “We also offer our sincere appreciation to the Department of Rangeland, Wildlife, and Fisheries Management at Texas A&M University at College Station, who provided vital support of this Land and Water Plan update by designing and administering a robust stakeholder input process.”

The update was initiated in fall 2022, when the Commission Subcommittee and TPWD reviewed and updated the goals, objectives, strategies and actions contained in the 2015 version. Additions encompass current programs and activities, primarily in reference to programs initiated since 2015.

This spring, an initial round of stakeholder surveys solicited feedback on TPWD performance, priorities and programmatic strategies outlined in the 2015 version of the Land and Water Plan. Respondents were specifically asked to rate the importance of 167 unique programmatic strategies and TPWD’s performance in the delivery of each strategy, prioritize the strategies associated with each objective and recommend any additional strategies.

TPWD received responses from 116 members of its 14 advisory committees and 256 survey responses from the general public. Respondents were affiliated with more than 160 outdoor recreation and conservation organizations, including those operating at local, regional, national and international levels.

The Commission Subcommittee and TPWD reviewed stakeholder feedback and made edits and additions to the plan throughout the process.

Commissioners reviewed the 2024 Land and Water Plan in August before a second round of stakeholder input followed by final review and unanimous approval at the Commission meeting on Nov. 2.

TPWD will share progress updates on the 2024 Land and Water Plan with the Commission at future Commission meetings.