7 Tips That Will Make It a Little Easier to Get Around Los Angeles as a Tourist

Los Angeles is a great place to go on vacation! From shopping to dining, the beaches, and celebrity locales, there’s no shortage of things to do while you’re in LA.

But if you aren’t careful, you may not get to do all the things you want. That’s because getting around in Los Angeles can be a nightmare. Especially for people who aren’t familiar with this sprawling city.

From your attire to transportation, these seven tips will make it a little easier for you to get around so you can get where you need to go in no time.

Store Your Luggage

Getting around Los Angeles can be difficult, but it’s even more difficult if you’re lugging around your luggage while you’re trying to get from point A to point B.

Do yourself a favor and stow your luggage safely while enjoying a day in Los Angeles. There are many convenient locations all around the city with affordable daily rates so you don’t have to drag your suitcase behind you everywhere you go.

Carry the Right Bag

Getting your luggage under control is only the first step to traversing the city in comfort. You also have to think about the bag you’re going to carry around with you.

There are many great travel purses and bags to choose from. A few styles you should consider include:

  • Crossbody bags
  • Backpacks
  • Crossbody fanny packs
  • Hidden money belts

You’ll want to think about what is most stylish, but you also need to think about what would be most comfortable for you. Choose a style that you can comfortably wear all day and access easily. For example, if you’re planning on using public transit, taking a backpack off and putting it back on all day might be a hassle. You might want to choose a crossbody fanny pack instead.

Wear the Right Shoes

Style is important in LA. It’s a place where people go to be seen, so you will want to choose your attire carefully. That includes your shoes. Just make sure you keep your eye on comfort too.

You have to have a comfortable pair of walking shoes if you plan to be out and about in LA. Fortunately, there are many shoes to choose from that are just as stylish as they are comfortable.

If you plan to wear other types of shoes, like boots or sandals, make sure you break them in at home first. That way you aren’t nursing sore feet after a long day of walking the streets.

Ride a Bike or e-Scooter

Walking is arguably the best way to get around, but in a city like Los Angeles where everything is so spread out, you’re going to need to get off your feet eventually.

Renting a car is an option, but it’s expensive, and dealing with LA traffic can be terrible. Instead, try renting a bike or an e-scooter.

Bike share stations make it easy to pick up a bike quickly. You can also find e-scooters scattered around town. Using a simple app, you can pay with your credit card and take off right away.

You can stop by a local bike shop and rent a bicycle the old-fashioned way. Rent a beach cruiser by the hour, day, or week. Then, hop on the Marvin Braude Bike Trail, which is a 22-mile path that runs along the Santa Monica Bay coastline.

Try Public Transit

Compared to other busy cities, like New York City and Chicago, the Los Angeles’ public transit system is nothing to shake a stick at. However, it can still help you get around the city without having to rent a car. It’s an especially good solution if you have a long distance to travel and a bike or e-scooter just isn’t going to get you there.

Metro lines run throughout the city, but they don’t necessarily run through many tourist-friendly areas. You may have to take the Metro to the closest location and walk or rent an e-scooter to get to your final destination.

The bus is also an option, but you’ll want to check out the schedule early. With 170 bus lines throughout the city, figuring out which one you need to be on and when can be challenging.

Although public transit can be confusing and time-consuming, it is one of the most cost-efficient options for getting around Los Angeles.

Call a Cab or Rideshare Service

If you don’t want to have to deal with public transit, and you don’t mind paying money for the convenience, you can call a cab or a rideshare service.

As one of the largest cities in the United States, LA has many rideshare services to choose from compared to other areas of the country.

You can always call a traditional cab or an Uber, but you can also try:

  • PickupRide
  • Taxi LAX Airport
  • Go Ride
  • Sunshine Rideshare
  • HopSkipDrive
  • Happy Shuttle
  • Getaround

Schedule a Tour

Los Angeles has some great tours. Not only can you learn more about LA on a tour, it can also be a handy way to get around.

You can find haunted walking tours that will show you some of LA’s most haunted locations, as well as the ever-popular movie star home tour, but you can also find tours that take you around to the most popular spots in the city. Most importantly, when you get to your destination, you can actually get off the bus.

You’ll visit iconic sights, historical landmarks, and hidden gems throughout the city that you likely wouldn’t have discovered on your own. When you get there, you actually get time to explore the location or do a little shopping before your bus driver hits the road again.

Getting around any town as a tourist can be challenging, but Los Angeles takes things to a whole new level. Make sure you’re comfortable all day, and you can get to where you’re going by following the tips on this list.