7 Tips to Select the Best Co-Sleeper for Your Baby

When you welcome your bundle of joy into this world, you want to keep them close to you all the time. That comes as a natural instinct to protect your child and keep them safe.

According to experts, sharing your room, but not your bed, with your baby, is the best way to keep them safe. That should happen for at least 6- months but preferably 1 Year of their babyhood days.

But how will you keep your baby close if you can’t share your bed with them? The answer is very simple; you need to buy a baby co-sleeper.

Co-sleeper beds come in different types, colors, sizes, materials, prices, etc., making it very tricky to choose.

The purpose of writing this article is to help you find the best co-sleeper for your baby.

But first, there are several things we need to address.

  • Why is Co-Sleeping so Important?

While some parents want their babies close to them, others want them to be somewhat far away from them. They say that co-sleeping denies them the comfort and the freedom to sleep, so they prefer that the child sleeps in their own space.

If you are one such parent, here are a few co-sleeping benefits that should help you change your mind.

  • Co-sleeping helps babies feel more safe and secure
  • It is a perfect way to bond with your child
  • It helps keep the baby calm
  • It makes nursing easier
  • It allows both you and the baby to get enough sleep
  • It gives you peace of mind knowing that your child is safe.
  • But Why Not on the Same Bed?

Bed-sharing may seem appealing to some parents who want their babies as close to them. But experts advise against it, and it’s for good reasons.

Below are some dangers of bed-sharing

  • Suffocation: bed-sharing can cause the baby to suffocate on pillows, blankets, and any other stuff on the bed.
  • You risk your baby falling when bed-sharing.
  • There is always the risk of crashing your own baby if you fall deep into sleep.
  • Both you and your child can develop sleeping problems
  • How to Find the Best Co-Sleeper for Your Baby

If you spend your hard-earned cash and your time to buy a baby co-sleeper, then make sure it’s worth it.

Below are 7- tips to guide you through the process.

  1. Safety comes First

Your baby’s safety is the first thing that should come into your mind when purchasing a co-sleeper. Be sure that the co-sleeper you choose meets the current safety standards. If you want to buy a second-hand bed, you have to inspect it thoroughly for any safety issues.

Are there any loose or broken parts on the bed? Are the slats too far apart? And are the bedsides properly ventilated?

If you find any issues that can jeopardize your baby’s safety, do not buy them.

2. Consider the Weight and Age of Your Baby

Like most baby items, co-sleepers are made to suit babies of a certain age and weight limit. When buying a co-sleeper bed, make sure it matches your baby’s weight and age. Otherwise, you will have to go back to the baby shop for another purchase very soon.

3. Check the Stability

Co-sleeper bed bases come in different styles, but they all need to be stable. If you feel like it will tip over when the baby is lying on either side, then that bed is not safe. Before you buy a co-sleeper, make sure you test for stability. If it wobbles too much or feels unsteady, please do not leave the store with it.

4. Durability Matters

You do not want to spend your money on something that will wear out and become useless as soon as you leave the baby shop. You want something sturdy and durable that can serve you long. When buying a co-sleeper, first inspect it to confirm its durability.

Check the material? Is it easy to break or tear? What about the paint? Does it look like the kind that chips easily? And the screws, are they easy to loosen? A poorly manufactured bed is weak, unsafe, and less durable.

5. Ensure Convenience

If your co-sleeper is inconvenient, there is no way you can find it valuable. Ensure you can reach your baby with ease whenever you need to, and quickly move the co-sleeper when you want to get out of your bed. If you can’t do that, there is no point in buying that bed because you will most likely not use it.

Also, ensure portability; for some reason, you might want to move the co-sleeper bed to a different position for a night or two or carry it with you when going for a vacation or just visiting your relatives. If it’s not easy to adjust, move or pack, you will not be happy using it.

6. Quality is Key

The worst mistake you can ever make during a purchase is to base your decision on the price alone and ignore the quality. High chances are you will end up with a low-quality product that will not meet your expectations.

When buying a co-sleeper, do not just look at the price; also consider the quality. A high bed will go a long way to serve you better and for longer.

7. Consider the Size of Your Room

You do not want to buy a bed that is too big to fit in your room, so before making your purchase, make sure that the two sizes match.


As a parent, keeping your baby safe is a top priority. And what better way to do that than to keep them close and protect them in their sleep.

When buying a co-sleeper, do not just settle for anything you find in the market. You have to pick the best, and these 7- tips will help you find it.