Struggling with TMJ or teeth grinding? Learn more about a custom night guard

If your sleep gets interrupted by pain in your jaw or sore teeth, you may have bruxism, a movement condition that causes you to grind your teeth, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), a condition that causes misalignment and muscle tension in your jaw. Both conditions can be painful and lead to further problems with your teeth. The best way to prevent and treat these conditions is with a teeth grinding guard.

How to Know If You Need a Night Guard

It can be hard to decide if your symptoms are caused by teeth grinding or jaw clenching during the night, because you’re asleep and unable to see your activity. You could ask your partner or someone else if they hear you grinding your teeth in your sleep. You could also inspect for signs that you have bruxism. These include:

  1. Sensitive teeth, teeth that wear on the biting edge, and chipped or damaged teeth.
  2. Jaw clenching that causes headache near your temples and ears, with nothing physically wrong with your ears.
  3. Unexplained sores on your tongue or cheeks from biting them during the night.
  4. Poor and anxious sleep, awakening many times at night.

Purchase a Teeth Grinding Guard to Protect Your Teeth

If you have any of the problems listed above, you can treat these conditions with a custom teeth grinding guard that fits perfectly to your mouth and prevents your teeth from hitting against each other. For best results, you should wear your guard nightly, putting it in your mouth just before you go to bed.

Custom Guards are Easy to Order

You don’t need to make an expensive trip to the dentist to order a teeth grinding guard. You can order one online, take an impression of your teeth in the comfort of your own home, and send it back to a company that will mold a mouth guard for you. The company will craft your custom guard out of long-lasting and high-quality materials that look and feel much like invisible orthodontics. You’ll be comfortable all night and get a better night’s sleep.

They’re a Custom Fit

Custom teeth grinding guards come in various thicknesses and materials to suit your preferences and medical needs. You might find that thinner, flexible guards work well for light teeth grinding. If you have moderate to severe bruxism or TMJ, you’ll want to purchase a thicker guard to prevent biting through and to keep your jaw from clenching. No matter what material you choose, the guard will fit perfectly to your teeth.

A Custom Night Guard is a Great Investment in Oral Care

The effects of bruxism and TMJ build up over time, and it’s easy to miss the first signs of a sore jaw or slight wear on your teeth. Bruxism and TMJ can cause serious medical problems like cracked teeth and dislocated a jaw, but only if they’re not well treated. Purchasing a custom night guard now will give you years of peace of mind, knowing that you’re treating these conditions and avoiding further problems with your jaw and teeth.