Writing Interesting College Essays

Even if you are assigned a boring prompt you can spice up an essay and make it interesting Just use these tips to create a stellar paper from an unexciting prompt.

Make a Boring Prompt an Interesting Essay

No matter what you are studying, there will come a time where you are assigned an essay with a boring or uninspiring prompt. This does not mean that your paper will end up being boring to read. You can generate an interesting and compelling essay on any topic if you use the right tools and tips. Dull topics do not have to be the kiss of death. With these tips, students can stay motivated when writing about something that is not exciting or even interesting. The first obstacle to being a great essay writer in college is finding a way to become interested in the topic, no matter what it is.

Find Determination

With the will to continue writing, you can complete an assignment even when required to cover a boring subject. To be successful, discipline is key. You will need the determination and drive to write about boring topics without an interest in the subject. Writing discipline is something that can be learned and even if you are not a writer that has natural discipline, you can create a schedule that will force consistency. One tip is using a mind map. This is a set of ideas about what you want to cover n the essay. Instead of working off of written lists, a mind map will allow both the left and right sides of the brain to work and it can be the key to planning and brainstorming when you are writing an essay on a boring topic.

Ask for Help

If you have tried everything to create an interesting essay but are still suffering from writer’s block or no motivation, you can ask for professional help. By using a top essay writing service, you can connect with a writer that is not afraid to tackle a dull subject. Asking for help does not indicate failure. Working with another writer may provide you with different ideas that can provide some motivation and interest. Some colleges have groups that meet for academic reasons and this is another way of getting some help with a challenging essay. Discussing ideas with others will open your mind to new concepts.

Relate the Prompt to Readers

While you may not have any vested interest in the subject of an essay, you can still entertain readers and provide them with something exciting to read. If you can relate the specific topic to readers, it will be easier to complete an essay that is engaging and interesting. One suggested way to make sure an essay is not boring is writing in a way that will relate to the basic needs of readers. If possible, tap into qualities like the need for love, food, and security. If you can also include an emotional or personal connection, you may find the subject a bit less boring, though it will still be challenging.


When faced with writing a paper on something that is uninteresting and uninspiring, students are more apt to procrastinate and delay starting the writing process until the last minute. This will only make things more difficult. The best option is to use some of these tips to get started and get it done as soon as possible. Even if you never develop an interest in the topic, you can create a paper that will intrigue readers and earn a good grade.