“WHY are we sharing this information with you?”

*During the shutdown and reopening stages from the Pandemic, we were required to wear a mask. For the first time in years, I have not gotten sick with the flu or it symptoms. Before the shutdown my body had reached its limits working around ammonia products. I would catch flu like symptoms more than once in a year. This had been going on for the last five years or so. We often forget about our bodies and how the chemicals affect it.

*Many years ago, I was a grocery stocker. I could never stock the certain aisles. The fumes from the products would overcome me. After stocking two or three days I would get sick and could barely move. Obviously, the chemicals had an adverse reaction on me then as well.

* Its a struggle some days having to work with the different chemicals.  With all the pressures of everyday grind we need our bodies to be in peak condition.

* Maybe there is some other stylists out there having the same issues.

* We are going to introduce you to a pharmaceutical AMMONIA FREE Hair Colour from Italy. This company is a true research and development for THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY. This company has been in existence since 1965. They are always on the cutting edge with all their products. Before they can market their products, they have to get an outside company to do the testing, making sure they meet the standards of the EU has in place.

* Not happy with the product you are using and are you ready to try something new or different? This new product could Improve the quality of your health.

Dikson is a Division of Muster & Dikson

Muster & Dikson is One of the World’s only True Research And Development Companies in The Beauty Industry.

AB Colour is now being introduced in Texas using a new Ammonia Free Color.

This product can give you

  • Colour performance
  • Care for a person’s well-being
  • Focus on respect for the environment.

The Tahiti Volcanic Stone Extract Colour Performance is thanks to its Remineralization action. The volcanic stone extract restores the minerals that are lost during the coloring of the hair.

Since Tahiti Volcanic Stone Extract is of an organic nature, it can provide many benefits to the hair: remineralization, refreshing, stimulating, purifying, relaxing and soothing. Being of an organic nature it will regenerate and strengthen hair at its core. The products achieve this by controlling the structural integrity of the cells and make up for temporary deficiencies by preserving the vitality of the hair.

Mix of Vegetable Oils and Proteins- will ensure hair has the proper amount of hydration and nutrition and helps the hair remain shiny and Naturally Healthy.

1st Argan Oil- is one of the most precious phytochemicals in the world. It slows down cellular ageing, is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid (precursors of Omega3 and Omega6), and has a regenerating action on the skin. Argan Oil is rich in vitamins A and E.

2nd Blackcurrant Oil is perfect to fight fragile hair. Promoting the hydration of the scalp and in-depth nourishment of the follicles where the hair develops.

3rd Hydrolysed Rice Proteins is an active ingredient in hair treatment due to their various beneficial qualities. These proteins preserve hair hydration, nourish it deeply and aides in styling.

4th Hydrolysed Soy Proteins in cosmetology the soybean embryo tissues are particularly valuable.

Care For a Person’s Well-Being

Ammonia Free– these products are not using ammonia ph to open the hair cuticle so the pigment can penetrate deeply into the hair shaft. Ammonia is a gas, very volatile, unpleasant smell and prolonged exposure be harmful to health and respiratory tract problems. AB COLOUR uses ETHANOLAMINE in place of ammonia. A substance that is liquid, non-volatile and has no unpleasant or pungent smell.

 Phenylenediamine Free- PPD an organic compound that derives from ammonia. In some people it may cause contact allergies and dermatitis. It is used in a lot of other hair color for coloring efficacy in all shades, darker shades, and for valid grey hair coverage action.

To prevent possible allergic reactions AB COLOUR has replaced phenylenediamine with 2.5 DIAMINOTOLUENE SULPHATE. This delivers the same quality with less irritation.

 Resorcinol Free- allows pigments to bind to the hair as it breaks down the keratin bond and induces oxidation of the stem. Hair color with this product causes allergic reactions and damages the hair when used frequency.

AB Colour has replaced Resorcinol with 4 CHLORORESORCINOL. A functional substance which was found to be more tolerable on the skin and allows a gentler hair coloring.

Allergen Free Fragrance- AB COLOUR contains an allergen free fragrance, which will assure there will not be any kind of allergic reactions.

Nickel Tested- (NICKEL <0.0001%) They analyze each production patch to ensure the amount of Nickel in the product has been reduced to minimum less than 0.0001%.

Respect For the Environment

Silicone Free- silicones coat the hair shafts, completely covering the cuticle scales and giving the hair a silky and velvety appearance. Silicones do not dissolve in water and releases into aquifers (an underground layer of water-bearing permeable rock, rock fractures or unconsolidated materials (gravel, sand, or silt) while rinsing off the products containing them.

With Functional Ingredients of Natural Origin

They enrich the formula of the AB COLOUR in ways listed above. Both traditional and newest technology combining product efficacy. Having respect for the environment, nature and well-being of those who uses it.

Vegan Cosmetic

AB COLOUR does not contain animal-derived ingredients. No animal has been exploited.

We Love Pets

AB COLOUR supports animal rights abiding by the legislative Directive that passed 2009 (imposes the prohibition of testing on animals, or use and import of cosmetic ingredients tested on animals) .

This product is strictly Made In Italy

Contact us at 832-620-1360


DIKSON-is how you spell hair Colour