9 Things you can do to Attract Women

If you would like to know what makes men attractive to women, then this article was written with you in mind. This is because this article is about things that make a man attractive to women. Even though some of the things may be obvious, most of them are not. So, without further ado, here are things that make a man attractive to women:

1.Projecting Positive Body Language

A person’s body shape tells you a lot about a person. Keep in mind that how you stand and how you carry yourself will say a lot about you. It is good to project positive body language such as standing up straight to look confident.

2.Dressing Properly

One of the best ways to be attractive to women is to wear clothes that fit your body properly. Another thing is to ensure that your clothes are clean. Avoid wearing ill-fitting, old/stained, or wrinkled clothing as such clothes can make you seem less attractive to women.

3. An Attractive Face

As human beings, we can make a lot of judgments by looking at a person’s face. Therefore, it is good to take good care of your face by dealing with any skin issues if you have any. Also, remember that women will look at your eyes to see where your attention is. If you want to attract a woman, ensure that your eyes meet with her eyes for a second, then give her the next item we will mention.

4. A Smile

Smiling at a woman makes you look attractive, makes her feel good, and also tells her that you like her. Remember that nobody including women like a sour puss. Keep in mind that a smile brings out the best in you and others around you.

5. Great Hair

Your hair frames your face and it is very important to ensure your hair game is on point. You need to know that a woman will look at your face as a whole and your hair will play a big part in her impression of you. Regardless of your hair type or whether you are balding, ensure that your hair game is on point and compliments the shape of your face.

6. Nice Shoes

Women like looking at a person’s shoe as it tells them a lot about a person including how well a person takes care of themselves and their situation in life. As such, it is good to ensure that your shoes are always clean and well-cared for. You should also ensure that the laces are tied properly.

7.  Self-Confidence

According to Escorts2, women find men who look confident attractive. Having pleasant, easy-going body language and being slow and deliberate in your movements will make you show a woman that you are in control of yourself. Avoid fidgeting or nervously looking around. Also, avoid splaying out like a couch potato. Look like a confident gentleman to look attractive to women.

8. Hands That Are Clean and Well-Care For

Your hands tell a woman a lot about you and women like men with clean and well-cared for hands. Long, dirty fingernails can make you less attractive to a woman. So, it is good to take good care of your hands.

9 Talking Well, Calmly, and With Class

The way you speak can make you attractive to women. As such, it is good to ensure that you speak, well calmly and with class to be attractive. This will increase your chances of winning her over.