4 Job Prospects For Young Voice Actors: What Industries Are Looking For This Profession

For many actors, while a voiceover career isn’t the first thing that pops into mind, it can be an exciting as well as lucrative step into an acting career. True it’s not the route most people think of when they consider an acting career but it is becoming a fast-growing part of the industry. With so many different types of work, available VO actors can work in different fields and on different projects at the same time adding a level of diversity that isn’t as easily seen in traditional in-person acting. Don’t be misled into thinking it is all character voicing, documentary narration, or commercials. It is also a great field of work to get into if you’re a more shy type of person or simply prefer not to have your voice “out there”

4 Job Prospects In Different Industries

Voice acting is a career that is off the beaten path for sure. When we’re younger we all say things like we want to be a doctor, lawyer, veterinarian, singer, dancer, and even an actor (these last three are met most times with a placating smile). Voice acting isn’t something that traditionally makes the list and it’s not something our parents would consider as a lucrative career. However, with the ever-growing digital market and landscape, the potential for voice-over working is growing right along with it. Here is a curated list of job prospects from different industries to give you an idea of what’s out there.

  1. Audiobooks

The world of audiobooks continues to grow in popularity. This means that the work available for voice actors also increases. There are different types of projects in this field. Sometimes authors will read the book themselves however, they may want a voice-over for different characters in the book. Other times authors prefer to have someone else read the book entirely. There will also be different opportunities based on your particular voice skills. Some books require a deep male voice other times that of a teenage girl. Having flexibility in your vocal skills will mean you can take on a wider variety of books.

  1. Translation Services

You might be surprised to see this on the list but it is becoming a sought after service. Translation companies are expanding the range of services they provide. This means that they are utilizing VO in their service options, which includes voice over services at your disposal. Voice actors that speak the required language can take on various types of audio translations for these agencies. They can read out written translations, meetings, conferences, speeches, etc. The possibilities with this one are endless.

  1. Video Games

Voicing for video games is probably one of the more dynamic forms of voice acting. Actors voice characters independently. Meaning that their script generally only has their specific lines. Video game voice acting is very demanding on the actor and requires them to think about the conversation and dialogue differently. On top of this actors may have to voice multiple characters or the same character through different aging points. Another thing to consider is that gameplay usually as the character develops based on choices. So the voice-over actor will have to match the voice to fit the possible characterization the given character takes on. The dialogue has to be able to stand alone as these lines are delivered throughout gameplay without a continuous conversation. People suited for these types of roles are those with punchy, sharp, and high-energy voices.

  1. Corporate Presentations

Businesses are incorporating and changing the way that they present information and with this, the need for voice-over is rising. They are being used for video presentations of data. Also in training and information sessions for staff. In general safety instructions and regulations. As well as in events like seminars, trading events, summits, etc. The use of stimulating video format with a voice that captures and imparts information in the right tone is becoming increasingly important in the corporate role meaning that job opportunities will continue to increase in the foreseeable future.

There is much potential for growth in the VO industry. There is high demand for voices with unique quality and actors that can vocalize a variant of stylizations. Working on different projects in different fields will allow you to hone your skills and provide you with endless opportunities. If you’re a young voice-over actor it’s never been easier to create a stellar and diverse portfolio. You can work in entertainment, advertising, animation, e-learning, marketing, education, radio, and so many other industries. This career truly allows you freedom in your work and the projects you take on. As a bonus to this career, the growth of technology is increasing the possibilities for opportunities with things like GPS, apps, video games, etc utilizing voice actors.