A silent retreat in Aruba for solo travelers

The Caribbean is not always a hub of fun and fiesta! At times, it’s a perfect blend of lazy moments, water sports, silent retreat, and nature’s bounty. Are you a solo woman traveler? If yes, you can visit Aruba in the Caribbean. The beaches are serene and expansive and are perfect for water skiing, sunbathing, parasailing, snorkeling, tubing, and quiet retreats. It’s an ideal place for beach lovers. They can explore the sea, sand, sun, and then quietly get back to the quaint loungers.

The Aruba beaches are not bustling with the crowd. Instead, it’s serene and silent, and you will find that people move in clusters. The white sand and the crystal-clear water create a fantastic maze of the beauty of imagination. If you want to plan a solo tour to Aruba, you can research online and seek help from various online service providers. Many websites share information about safe Caribbean islands so that you can plan your trip with ease and convenience. Once you have the relevant information, you can book your flight tickets accordingly.

Why should you make a trip to Aruba?

There are many reasons for women to make their solo trip to Aruba. Some of the best ways to explore and enjoy this destination include:

  1. Frolicking with the butterflies

One of the unforgettable experiences that you will have in Aruba is your tryst with the vibrant butterflies. You should visit the Butterfly Farm. When you visit this site, you get a chance to view the unusual and unique creatures. There will be a tour guide, who will accompany you and guide you about the butterflies’ habits. If you want to capture a few stunning images, then you should carry your camera with you.

  • The churches in Aruba

The population of Aruba is close to 105,000, and you will find close to 50 churches here. The most prominent one is The Chapel of Alto Vista, which is also a famous landmark. This church is noticeable because of its location and height. It’s one of the best places to visit the sunrise and sunset. The church ambiance is tranquil and serene and allows you to find your solace. It was Aruba’s first Roman Catholic Church that got constructed back in 1750 and renovated in 1952. The other church that you can visit along with it is Santa Ana. You can see few other famous churches in Aruba are Alto Vista Chapel, Jerusalem Church, Old Protestant Church, and the Evangelical Church of San Nicolas. Each church in Aruba has its history, and it’s worth exploring.

  • Explore the greens

Approximately 20% of Aruba is known as a National Park and is a peaceful and mystical green. It comprises a stunning range of flora and fauna. One of the popular ones is the Arikok National Park that is a complete treasure trove. You can spend your whole day here photographing the scenic landscapes. You will also come across the Visitor’s Center, which exhibits a few popular rattlesnakes, cat eye snake, and the whiptail lizard. Make sure that you wear comfortable clothing and that you have a guide to direct you.

  • The ancient gold mines

Like every place, Aruba has its stories as well. The folklore here runs something like this – During the early 1400s and 1500s, several people came to the Caribbean Islands searching for treasures. According to a legend, one of the Treasure Island was named “Oro Ruba,” which got referred to as gold. Today, it is popularly called Aruba and is known for the gold mines. You can check out two popular names: the Balashi Gold Mill Ruins and Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins. It’s a good idea to read about the gold mines before you decide to explore the same.

  • The cuisine in Aruba

Your solo travel to Aruba is incomplete without experiencing its cuisine. The traditional cuisine in Aruba comprises dishes such as “Stoba,” which is stew pots filled with meat and vegetables. The meals include chicken, rice, and fish. You can also relish Aruba’s popular snack, “Pastechi” a pie with beef or cheese. There are several eateries in Aruba which you can visit, such as the Yemanja Woodfire Grill, Barefoot Restaurant, or the Arubaville.

  • The beaches in Aruba

It would help if you explored the beaches in Aruba to witness the best scenic views. It’s a place where you can turn to nature to rejuvenate your senses. Some of the best beaches you can count on are Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, Arashi Beach, Hadicurari Beach, and the Boca Keto.

Currently, most countries are opening their borders to national and international tourists. However, you must seek adequate travel security while you plan solo travel to Aruba. The Caribbean Islands is a fascinating blend of history and nature’s beauty. In Aruba, you can explore both on your solo tour.