What To Bring If You Want To Stay Fit While Traveling

We all want to stay fit and healthy, and so many people these days spend a lot of time in the gym so that they look and feel great. Whilst this is easy to do when you are at home, it can be more difficult to find a gym when you are traveling as there may not be one locally. Fortunately, as the Covid-19 lockdowns have taught us, it is easy to get a full workout wherever you are with just a few pieces of equipment. Whether you are staying in a hotel or backpacking from hostel to hostel, as long as you pack the right gear, you will have no trouble staying fit as you travel.

To help all the wandering fitness enthusiasts, here is what to bring if you want to stay fit while traveling.

1. A Yoga Mat

Yoga is an amazing hobby, and it is a fantastic way to stay fit. Yoga promotes great flexibility, circulation, muscle strength, and a peaceful state of mind. The health benefits of yoga have been long recognized, and it is now practiced by millions of people all over the world. It is so easy to keep up with your yoga practice as you travel with just your yoga mat packed. There are many unique yoga mat designs to choose from, all of which are super light, so you can carry them in your luggage easily. As you travel, you can either do your own yoga practice in your hotel room or hostel or look online for local classes. There are many hotels and other accommodation which actually offer daily yoga classes to guests, so there is no excuse!

2. A Resistance Band

Resistance bands are amazing pieces of fitness equipment. They are so versatile and can be utilized for a huge range of different exercises to hit different muscle groups. You can use them for squats and leg raises, stand on them for bicep and tricep exercises, and use them to add extra resistance for upper body training. Resistance bands are ideal for traveling fitness enthusiasts as they are so light and don’t take up any space in your luggage. Bring a few different brands of various strengths with you so that you can mix up your workouts and double up when you need a little extra resistance for a bigger pump. 

3. A Skipping Rope

Cardio can be one of the most difficult workouts to do whilst traveling because you won’t be able to carry a treadmill or exercise bike in your suitcase. Skipping is excellent cardio and is also one of the most effective calorie-burning exercises which you can do. All you need is a skipping rope and a little space like a hotel courtyard or a local park wherever you are staying. Skipping burns at least ten calories a minute and is also excellent for strengthening your legs, arms, and shoulders and improving your agility and balance.

4. Your Running Shoes

Another excellent way to get some cardio in whilst traveling is to just go for a run around the local area. All you will need are your running shoes (and maybe some music!), and you can get a great workout whilst also sightseeing at the same time. If you want to make some new friends on your travels, go on Facebook and look up a local running club to join while you are in the area. They will know the best running routes, and you will get to experience the local people and culture.

5. A Fitbit

Fitbits are handy little gadgets that can help you to hit your health and fitness goals whilst you are traveling. Fitbits go on your wrist like a watch and monitor everything from your heart rate to how many steps you have taken that day. They can also monitor your stages of sleep to ensure that you are getting enough sleep to stay fit and healthy.

6. Your Laptop or Smartphone

There are so many excellent home workout routines on YouTube and elsewhere online which you can follow along with while you travel. During Coronavirus lockdown, many people have realized that they can get just as good a workout at home as they do in the gym. Search a few different channels and trainers online on your smartphone or laptop and see which works best for your fitness style and goals.

Staying fit while traveling has never been easier as there is some great gear that will enable you to get a great workout in but won’t weigh you down or take up much room in your luggage. No matter where you are going, make sure you take these essential items with you, and you will be able to get an awesome pump on. Happy training, folks!