Can You Sue if Someone Drowns in a Hotel Pool?

Hotels are attractive locations for vacationers, but they can pose danger in various ways. The pool areas are appealing, but they may be unsafe since they are often the location where hotel injuries occur. If someone you love drowns at a hotel, you have to take action to hold the hotel accountable. This often includes suing the hotel for damage.

Is the Hotel Liable?

Since hotels are private entities, they are responsible for protecting all of the people on their property. This includes paying guests as well as individuals who are visiting pay guests and those who are invited to the hotel for an event. The hotel even has to protect trespassers who come to the hotel property uninvited.

Those who have paid for a room in the hotel deserve the best available care if there is an accident. If a loved one drowns, you can file a premises liability claim against the hotel to cover expenses like medical bills, missed work, and funeral and burial expenses.

What Is a Premises Liability Claim?

If you have to file this type of claim against the hotel, your claim should state that:

  • The owner of the hotel know that the pool was a danger but didn’t warn guests or fix the issue
  • The owner of the hotel was the cause of the pool hazard
  • The owner of the hotel was not aware that the pool area was dangerous but would have been aware had they been more diligent

In short, the hotel can be accountable for a drowning if the organization could have done something to prevent the incident. If a hotel has received complaints about the pool and doesn’t resolve the problem, the hotel could face liability accusations later.

What Causes Hotel Drownings?

People can drown at hotels for a number or reasons. Most hotels don’t have lifeguards at their pools, or the lifeguards aren’t at the pool often. This means there may not be a trained professional who will be present to save someone who is drowning.

People can also fall into the pool or get hurt in the pool area without a way to get out of the water. If the ladder is not properly fastened to the pool or it is broken, the tiles around the pool are slippery, or the steps leading to the water are broken, this makes it difficult or impossible for a person to exit the pool.

It’s also important to note that the hotel pool often has a bar nearby. Bartenders will sometimes serve patrons until they are too intoxicated to use sound judgement. Drunk hotel patrons may fall into the pool, or jump in impulsively, even if they can’t swim.

Compensation for Hotel Drowning Lawsuits

If a family member dies from a hotel drowning accident, you could receive significant compensation from the hotel. Your claim could be worth thousands or even millions of dollars. An attorney will go over your damages and your evidence and tell you how much your claim may be worth.

Your personal injury lawyer will fight to ensure you receive compensation for medical bills if your loved one went to the hospital before passing away. You may also receive a settlement for your savings or inheritance if you had to use some or all of the funds to pay for hospital treatment for your loved one, or if you’re not emotionally or physically prepared to return to work after dealing with the death of your relative.

If you’ve endured the tragedy of having a loved one drown in a hotel pool, you and your family may be entitled to compensation. Before you decide whether or not to pursue a lawsuit, you may want to read these resources to help you decide if you wish to invest in a car accident lawyer.