2020 NFL Fantasy Football: Week 4 Playoffs Top Quarterback Picks

If you dream of being a top general manager and a football team head coach, then fantasy football is the perfect place for you. It is one of the sports betting games that the NFL offers every year, which happens virtually where you can form a team you wanted to have. Also, it allows you to decide which player to include in your lineup.

One of the most significant positions you have to find in creating a successful DFS football team is the quarterbacks. QB’s are part of the team’s offense and serve as the leader of the team. He is responsible for calling the play and touching the ball in the offensive line and does the most passes.

Every year, the NFL also highlights an MVP award given to the quarterback who showed the most impressive performance. This position needs the right amount of time to consider if you want to get the best quarterbacks in your next fantasy lineup. Apart from the General Fantasy Football Rules you learned in the past, fortify your Fantasy Football gameplay by including these top ten quarterbacks who dominated the 2020 DFS football rankings.

Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs had defined the NFL season today as the leading team to clinch a repeat Super Bowl title. They are currently the defending champions and remain undefeated this season. Last week, they defeated the Ravens, where Patrick Mahomes had performed excellently, which leads him to top the chart in today’s fantasy football rankings.

Lamar Jackson

After sending two massive blowout wins in the first two matches, the Baltimore Ravens are seen as one of the top favorites in today’s NFL season. Lamar Jackson, the reigning Super Bowl MVP, has stepped up during these games. As they got defeated by the Chiefs in their do or die game, Jackson is now on the second rank for DFS football games.

Deshaun Watson

The Houston Texans had the toughest road in the NFL playoffs today. In their first two matches, they faced both the Chiefs and the Ravens and got defeated. Although they are still winless, Deshaun Watson’s performance was quite impressive. He scored excellently in the past matches giving him good odds for fantasy QB picks.

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott is the main man behind the Dallas Cowboys successful start this NFL season. They have won their first two matches, and Prescott had contributed a lot during the said games. Today,  he is on the fourth rank in DFS football, and you might consider him as the starting QB for your next fantasy plays.

Kyler Murray

The Arizona Cardinals seemed to make the right decision on drafting Kyler Murray as their main quarterback in 2019. He settles at the 5th rank today in fantasy games. Last year, the Cardinals didn’t reach the league playoffs. This season, they are making a good start to winning their first two matches.

Russell Wilson

The Seattle Seahawks have lived-up to their dream as the most dangerous sleepers to watch out every NFL season. Russell Wilson has played a big role for this team as their main quarterback that’s why he’s ranked in the fantasy football best QB’s. The Seahawks remain undefeated in today’s NFL campaign.

Matt Ryan

Garnering the 7th spot in the QB fantasy football ranking today is Matt Ryan. He is a longtime quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons and made impressive records in the past. Today, the Falcons are also making a huge leap in the season as they can be a huge darkhorse that every NFL team must consider.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady had surprised the NFL community during the drafting after signing a deal with the Bucs and left the Pats. While the fans root for him this year, he failed to deliver in the opening games and lost to the Saints. However, his skills are undeniably great, where he remains an excellent choice for your fantasy football QB picks.

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz is the main QB for the Philadelphia Eagles. He started working for the team after he got drafted in 2016.

Although they were defeated in their first two matches, Carson Wentz took the 9th place in today’s fantasy football QB ranking. His previous performances look good, and he might do better plays in the next matches.

Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills are also undefeated in today’s NFL season, and Josh Allen is responsible for securing that achievement. Since he joined the Bills in 2018, he is one of the QB players who can play head-to-head with MVP’s like Mahomes and Jackson. Today, he settles at the 10th spot in the QB fantasy football ranking.


An NFL team is not complete without the quarterbacks as the most important position to consider. In DFS football, it is also critical to find the best QB’s to win all the way. As you go along and create a successful DFS football roster, consider the top ten QB’s above to end up victoriously.