Rent a van, flat deck, or truck or hiring professionals – what to choose?

Whether to hire professional movers or to rent a large vehicle to transport your home stuff, which option is better is the biggest question people have while moving a house. With this guide describing both the options in great detail, you will get enough information to decide well which one is a better option.

Generally, hiring professionals is a great option because you don’t have to stress about anything regarding the move therefore you can enjoy a smooth relocation as soon as you have found your dream home. You can enjoy those precious moments. However, the Uhaul truck experts explain that a DIY move by renting a flat deck or van gives you more flexibility to work as per your schedule. Therefore both the types of the move have their advantages and disadvantages, it is based on your needs and requirements which one is a better option. 

Things to consider:

How much distance do you need to travel for relocation?

Distance is one of the biggest factors that helps you to decide which option will work the best considering your circumstances. If relocation is just about a few miles then rental a flat deck or van is a better option while on the other hand, if it is a long move then taking help from professionals is great.

The difficulty of your move:

Consider factors like how much stuff you have to relocate and whether you have enough time and efforts to spend on the move or not is also helpful in deciding the right option for you. Apart from that if you have highly fragile items, an expensive car to move then again taking help from professionals is great to transport all these items safely at the new place else you might have to face a big loss.

The weight of the stuff you have to move:

Of course, handling a large amount of stuff requires lots of effort as well as time, and the more the weight you have to move, the more efforts and time you have to devote to moving. Know the size of the move helps decide the right move. 

Reasons why you should choose a DIY move?

A DIY move is also a great option. If you are limited in budget and want to save money while moving then nothing could be a better option than a DIY move. It makes you have more control over the entire move and you will also enjoy the flexibility you have. You can work as per your comfort and schedule which makes it a great option to move. 

Things you could expect in rental large vehicle move:

You have to take responsibility for everything from arranging complete packing supplies to packing all the stuff and all the other things. And the task does not end here. Almost all homeowners do not have large vehicles to transfer their items therefore they have to hire a moving rental truck to transport all the stuff. It also requires time and searching for the right truck rental company. Apart from that, if you need any help then you should tell your friends and family members on time so that they can save time to help you in doing the moving-related tasks.

You don’t have to put your efforts and time in the moving-related tasks as all the tasks will be done by the movers. Almost all the mover companies provide insurance therefore you don’t have to worry about the damage of the belongings. 

Why you should hire a moving company?

When it comes to hiring movers for your move, of course, you should be ready to pay a good amount of money but at the same time, you get the convenience while moving. Many factors decide the cost of the move such as the size of the truck you want to get on rent, the distance you have to travel with the rented vehicle, services you want from movers, and so on. The cost increases if you take additional services like packing, storage services, and so on. But hiring movers is the best way to move because you would not have any stress and worries. They will take the responsibility of the entire moving process and all you have to do is just sit back and relax. 

Things you could expect by hiring a moving company:

You don’t have to worry about the tasks related to the move. According to the services you have hired, they provide you services from bringing the right packing material to disassembly of furniture items, loading, unloading of the items, and transporting it to the new location. You should be prepared before the movers come. You can also have a fun time while doing moving-related tasks with your family members and friends who are ready to help you. 

Bottom line

In the end, no one can say whether a DIY move is a better option or hiring full-service movers. It depends on your needs and which option is more convenient for you. It just all depends on your requirements and timeline. Whatever you choose, do not forget to run a background check on the moving company or check the rental company contract for unusual terms and conditions before you engage any of the services.