Online gambling in Australia

Online gambling is a relatively new phenomenon but thanks to the unprecedented growth in technology, it has grown by leaps and bounds over a short span of time. Everything from improved graphics to an increase in the variety of games, there’s a lot to be excited about.

However, it is still not available in many countries around the world. Australia is one such country where there are some restrictions on online gambling activities that users can partake in. In this article, we go through those special aspects of online gambling in Australia that one should know about.

What does the Law Say?

Setting up online casinos that encourage gambling with actual money is illegal in Australia. As per the Gaming Act of 2001, no gambling activities that include games of chance are allowed. That is why if you come across such games online, it is best to avoid them if you want to be on the safer side of the law.

Why is Online Gambling Not Legal?

Online gambling is illegal in Australia due to the Gambling Act mentioned above. This act bans Australian websites from providing their products to users. However, this act does not put any restrictions on offshore companies and users can migrate to those to play the games there. If you are looking to find a reliable list of casino platforms for Australian players, check out Online Pokies Australia. Here, you will be able to find out which casinos allow users to play with Australian dollars.

Games that are legal to play

Fortunately, not all forms of gambling are illegal and users can still engage with some forms of it including sports betting, lottery, and pokies. Although it is still illegal to operate online casino content in Australia especially when it comes to games like poker, there are some casinos that let Australians play these games. However, users have to ensure that they look into the legal terms before they start playing.

Online casinos in Australia

Even though gambling with interactive games online in Australia is not legal, there are some platforms that operate in Australia and let users play bingo games and place sports bets. There are various such platforms that allow users to enjoy such games which have been getting better with time in terms of technology and user-interface.

Playing for Free

It is not right to say that all online casino gaming is concerned with money. Users can simply play for fun or to simply pass the time without being obliged to spend any money. If you can’t find the exact version of the gaming titles that you wish to play, you could still find multiple free options or demos.

Facilities for gambling in Australia

There are some facilities related to gambling that users do have access to. If you’re not someone who likes to play online games, then you can head to the horseracing tracks or sports betting facilities. Even though playing with actual money is not something that is allowed at online casinos, you can do so at Australian casinos and get to play your favorite titles including the likes of slots, poker, and much more.