Things You Need to Prepare Before Getting a Pet

Nothing is more exciting than welcoming a new furry friend into your home. Pets are playful, adorable, and will appreciate your love and give you more in return, or they might just sulk and look away. Yes, I am talking about my cat! All joking aside, bringing a new pet into your household is like adding a new member to your family. They will be your companions during the bad and the good. Studies show they can improve your mental health, too. But getting a pet is a responsibility that you have to be fully prepared for. To help ensure that you are ready to become a pet owner, here is a guide on how you can prepare for a pet.

Important Things to Consider Before you Decide to Get a Pet

Having a pet requires you to be committed and responsible. Before taking this step, you have to ask yourself if you can commit to that little creature. If you’re hesitant, wait until you’re sure you can take care of a pet.

Finances are an important aspect to consider when getting a pet. You need to have a budget made before bringing the pet home, and set some money aside for emergencies; pets have regular expenditures.

You have to find a good vet for your pet. When looking for a vet, look for signs of cleanness, and observe how they treat other pets and pet owners. Ask as many questions as you can and observe how they answer your questions. When you find the one vet you trust, let them care for your pet and ask them to refer you to an emergency vet that’s available after midnight. One last thing to consider is, if your house is rented, you should get the property owner’s permission first. Some property owners don’t want pets in their houses.

Once you’ve decided you’re ready, think of where you’re getting your pet from. Consider adopting from shelters near you instead of shopping. There are plenty of reasons to adopt, most importantly is that you’ll be saving a soul in need. Another important reason is that if you buy animals, you’ll be inadvertently supporting animal cruelty, as animal shopkeepers treat them as a means to profit instead of living creatures.

Picking the Right Pet

Are you wondering what pet you should get; cat, dog, puppy, or kitten? Well, there are ways to determine what pet is the most suitable specifically for you. There are questions to ask yourself: is your lifestyle active or sedentary? How much time do you have for your pet? How spacious is your house? Is your family okay with you getting a pet?

A dog requires you to be active, available, and for your house to be spacious. A puppy requires training and lots of attention. If you’re getting a dog, make sure to read about different breeds to know which one is most suitable for your lifestyle.

Caring for a cat is different, you have to make sure their litter box is clean and fresh. Cats have different personalities, not all of them show affection the same way, so you have to adapt to their character.  As adorable and tempting as they are, don’t get a kitten if you have a child younger than 3 years of age, get an adult cat instead.

Preparing Your Home for a Pet

You need to buy a few things for your pet, like food, bowls, toys, and, for cats specifically, a litter box, scratch post, and litter. If you have children, you should prepare them and give them a talk about how to handle pets gently. There are many things a kid can do unknowingly that annoys his new little friend.

Make your house pet-proof by removing or taping electrical cords down, removing breakable objects, putting plants and chemicals away, and clearing the way of small things like children’s toys. If you have a broken gate or gaps in your fence, fix them. Don’t overwhelm your pet during the very first days they arrive; give it some space and time to adjust to the place and the people.

Getting a new pet is a big deal, so congratulations on making one of the best decisions of your life! You might get nervous reading about this if it’s the first time you are getting a pet, but it just requires some preparation. The most important thing when getting a pet is realizing the amount of responsibility that falls on your shoulder. Once you decide to take on this responsibility, you will gain a loyal and lovable lifelong friend. You’ll even grow fond of all animals, and maybe decide to get more pets later on.