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Nobody Testifies at City’s First Public Hearing on Proposed Property Tax Rate

Mayor Bill Hastings presents a proclamation to, from left, Ellen Swepston, Laurel Cull, and Stephanie Kinghorn of the Star of Destiny Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution – George Slaughter photo

By George Slaughter Nobody testified at the first public hearing Monday on the City of Katy’s proposed property tax rate to fund its proposed $32 million 2019-2020 city budget. The proposed property tax rate is $0.48 per $100 valuation, a decrease from last year’s $0.48672 per $100. The rate decrease comes as overall property tax revenues increase due to continued residential development in Cane Island, Falls at Green Meadows, Lilac Bend, the Reserves of Katy, […]

Proposed Katy City Budget Includes Cost of Living Increase

By George Slaughter Katy officials said a cost of living increase for city employees is needed so Katy can keep talented city employees, and also to be more competitive with other cities as it seeks to hire qualified firefighters and police officers. The three percent cost of living increase is part of a $28.5 million budget proposal presented Friday morning at City Hall. City Administrator Byron Hebert, Mayor Chuck Brawner, and Police Chief Bill Hastings […]

City of Katy Adopts 2017-2018 Budget

J. Gary Jones

By George Slaughter The Katy City Council Friday afternoon voted to reduce local property taxes by two cents per $100 valuation while adopting its 2017-2018 budget. Even though there will be a tax rate decrease, the city will generate 12 percent more in total revenues because there will be more homes on the tax rolls in the coming year. This is the fifth consecutive year the city has given a property tax cut. The city’s […]