Law Library’s “Pro Se Basics” Series Introduces Free Legal Info Resources Online

Law Library’s “Pro Se Basics” Series Introduces Free Legal Info Resources Online

Apr 13, 2021

Fort Bend County Libraries’ Law Librarian, Andrew Bennett, will present a series of “Pro Se Basics” online demonstrations of the informational legal resources that are available to the public at the Fort Bend County Law Library. These programs will be virtual sessions livestreamed via Webex; they will NOT be in person.

The introductory classes will take place on Tuesdays April 6, 13, 20, and 27, from 10:00 to 11:00 am.

The classes will introduce important procedural information for self-represented litigants who wish to begin their legal research, represent themselves in court, or seek resources for their Family Law or Probate issues. Individuals may choose to attend individual sessions or the whole series.

The material that will be discussed is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Librarians cannot provide legal advice or recommend specific forms.

April 6– “Probate 101.” Learn about the resources that are available in the Law Library for probate cases, as well as free online resources. Get tips on using the library’s catalog to find resources throughout the library system, and hear about the library’s online databases that can be accessed from home.

April 13– “Introduction to Legal Research.”  This class will introduce the basics of legal research. Those attending will gain a better understanding of the difference between primary and secondary resources, how to read legal citations, and where to find legal resources in print and online.

April 20– “Advanced Legal Research.” This class covers search strategies using the libraries’ databases. Learn how to use Boolean operators, natural language, and special characters to narrow searches. In addition, the class will demonstrate how to begin a simple search and how to narrow searches.

April 27-- “Courthouse 101.”  Self-represented litigants will get a basic introduction to the legal system. Learn about the difference between civil and criminal cases, the basic parts of a legal document, the different types of legal documents, and where to file legal documents. Gain a better understanding of the differences between district courts, county courts, and justice of the peace courts, learn how they interact with each other, and how individuals might be involved with the courts.

The series will continue in May.

The classes are free and open to the public. Registration is required; a link to the Webex session will be emailed to participants who register. To register online at the library’s website (, click on “Classes & Events,” select “Virtual Programs,” and find the program. Participants may also register by calling the Law Library at 281-341-3718.


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