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Is Davis Mills “For Real”?

Football season will be here sooner than you think. The time for tailgating at a Cougars game, hitting the sportsbook for NCAAF betting, and yes, watching the Houston Texans on your big-screen TV. Yes, the NFL franchise has fallen on hard times — winning only four games each of the past two seasons. Even with Deshaun Watson out of the picture, the Texans are still embroiled in his problems with investigators seeing if the organization […]

Ten Things You Didn’t Know about the Super Bowl

  When it comes to North American sports, no game is bigger than the Super Bowl. Even when compared to global tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, the annual Sunday Funday championship game of the NFL turns out more consistently high viewers. For context, Nielsen reported that around 14 million Americans tuned in for the World Cup final back in 2018. Earlier this year, the NFL reported that 112 million Americans watched the Super Bowl […]

Don’t Write Off The Steelers For 2023

The Pittsburgh Steelers have had a busy 2022 so far, yet their moves to restructure and rebuild have been largely ignored by both the NFL fans and the bookmakers compiling the NFL odds. Admittedly, the Steelers are part of a Conference that is full of Super Bowl contenders but, even allowing for that, Pittsburgh look undervalued in the betting markets as pundits and sports bettors weigh up the 2022-23 season, which could be a big […]

What Scores You Can Use To Get The Perfect Custom FIFA Card

Almost every football fan has something special that is connected with the game. Some will have tailored t-shirts, and some can have a custom FIFA card. Of course, this is something new as many fewer football enthusiasts know about the bespoke football card. You can get the design of your own wish. However, in this post, you will learn about the scores you can use to make your card look game-spirited. Scroll down to know […]

How To Place An Online Football Bet?

Football has long been one of the most popular sports to wager on, accounting for a whopping 40% of all bets. As a punter, you must be familiar with all of the key aspects of football markets. Since there are several games to choose from, the industry has grown, allowing bettors to take advantage of special deals and competitive odds from a wide variety of betting sites. There is a lot of confusion surrounding football […]

When Is The Best Time to Make Your Super Bowl Bets?

The Super Bowl is undoubtedly an extraordinary event for sports fans and bettors alike. The odds on the big game are the most finely tuned and tightest numbers of the sports betting calendar because it attracts a global audience. Plus, it is the biggest and most significant single-betting event in the world. Not only that, but the Super Bowl also has unique scheduling. The most-awaited Super Bowl matchup is set after the AFC and NFC […]

Kyler Murray’s wildcard meltdown proved costly as the Cardinals were thrashed by the Rams

Once tipped to be crowned the regular season MVP as he spearheaded the Arizona Cardinals to an impressive 7-0 start, few would have expected Kyler Murray to be blinded by the bright lights of the playoffs. However, he was like a deer in the headlights at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles as the Cardinals were tarred and feathered by the Rams. The third-year quarterback threw 3,787 yards for 24 touchdowns in the newly extended […]

Top 10 NFL Power Rankings: Green Bay Packers Dominating The Heap

The 2021 regular season of the NFL has ended, eliminating 16 teams and leaving 14 teams to advance for the latest postseason. As the race for the Lombardi Trophy heats up and with the tension increasing, it’s time to dig into the 2022 NFL power rankings. Bet On Your Favorites The league has again given a wild ride, and the playoffs will undoubtedly be no exception. With the postseason approaching and 14 teams competing for […]

Panthers Earn First State  Championship, 27-24, in OT

BY TERRY CARTER The Paetow Panthers matched strengths to edge College Station in a battle of 5A titans for the UIL 5A-DI football state championship on Friday. Paetow won 27-24 in overtime. It was a rare battle at ATT Stadium in front of 12,112 fans. Neither powerhouse team found momentum, nor a weakness to exploit. It was a war of endurance, and the Panther’s hunger for their first state championship eventually decided this epic by […]

Are The NCAA NIL Rights Good For All Athletes?

Earlier in the year, a huge change came for college athletes as the National Collegiate Athletic Association announced that players would be allowed to profit from their name, image, and likeness – something that up until now has been quite restricted with some big stars deciding to even step away from college sport in favor of other avenues. As college sports viewership continues to grow outside of the US too including into other markets as […]