Steve Tobin’s Intertwined: Exploring Nature’s Networks opens Saturday, Jan. 28 at Houston Botanic Garden

20 monumental sculptures by world-renowned artist to rise above living museum’s diverse plant collections

Steve Tobin’s Intertwined: Exploring Nature’s Networks opens at Houston Botanic Garden on Saturday, Jan. 28, featuring 20 monumental sculptures by Steve Tobin, world-renowned for his works in glass, bronze, ceramic and steel. In Houston, his art will elegantly spiral as much as 30 feet above the natural beauty of the Houston Botanic Garden, the Bayou City’s living museum for plants.

Intertwined, which runs through Aug. 13, 2023, dramatically captures the unseen power of the natural world while celebrating the important systems that give life to the Garden’s tropical, sub-tropical, and arid collections.

While inspired by nature, Tobin also incorporates cultural influences – both current and historical – in his work. For instance, the marquee “Steelroots” series, made using recycled oil pipes, includes “Dancing Steelroots” inspired by ancient Japanese calligraphy. “Twistys,” another collection of steel pieces, pays homage to Houston gymnast Simone Biles and the acrobatic way she flows through the air, bringing to mind the way wind flows through the natural world. “Romeo & Juliet,” a pair of cast bronze roots named after the star-crossed lovers in William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, are installed together so that they are almost touching limbs.

Tobin likes showing his work in gardens, explaining, “All of the pieces in this exhibition are distillations of nature — roots, clouds, and sprouts. Members and visitors of the Garden are already predisposed to the themes in my work, including the primary one: worshipping nature.”

Caption: Steve Tobin’s Intertwined: Exploring Nature’s Networks opens Saturday, Jan. 28 at Houston Botanic Garden. Photo credit: Justin Lacey, Houston Botanic Garden

Steve Tobin’s Intertwined: Exploring Nature’s Networks is an ideal way to reach out to the “art disenfranchised” or “art uninitiated,” as Tobin’s works are accessible and interactive. “A lot of people aren’t necessarily seeking out art. They come to see the Garden, and they get to see the art. It’s a surprise,” he says.

“The Garden is excited to welcome Steve Tobin and this exhibition of his powerful work to Houston,” says Claudia Gee Vassar, President & General Counsel of Houston Botanic Garden. “The Houston Botanic Garden provides a perfect backdrop for these nature-inspired, impactful pieces. I look forward to seeing the public deepen their connections to nature as they experience the magic of Intertwined first-hand.”

Steve Tobin’s Intertwined: Exploring Nature’s Networks is included in the ticket price for admission to the Garden. Tickets are $12.50 for adults and $8 for children and students Monday – Thursday; the price for Friday – Sunday is $15 for adults and $10 for children and students.

Go to to buy tickets in advance. Houston Botanic Garden is located at One Botanic Lane off of Park Place Boulevard. Steve Tobin’s Intertwined: Exploring Nature’s Networks is open during regular Garden hours.