Predictions and Odds: How Will the Houston Texans Recoup from QB Deshaun Watson Loss

It’s no news that QB Deshaun Watson doesn’t play for the renowned Houston Texans anymore. Some fans may look forward to a change in Watson’s position, but it doesn’t seem to be happening soon. The professional QB may be on a paid leave soon and continue receiving his $10.5 million pay for the current season by the Texans.

One valid question to ask as a fan of the NFL or Houston Texans as a team is, “what’s the best way forward?” With the recent loss of one of their best QBs, it’s evident that there may be some significant changes in the team’s tactics. Keep reading to discover what David Culley’s plans may be for the team and its possible impact on its odds.

Going Forward

Moving forward from the loss of Watson, there are significant changes in Houston Texan’s squad lineup. The team’s new starting QB is the relatively famous Tyrod Taylor. Culley decided to make Taylor the starting quarterback for the team after careful considerations. As a 60-foot professional player, Tyrod is renowned for his impressive arm strength and quick throwing motion.

Apart from Tyrod’s outstanding QB abilities, he receives praise for his work ethic and elusiveness as a runner. It appears all of Taylor’s accolades are what makes him a suitable replacement following Deshaun’s loss to the Texans.

Taylor possesses significant records of passing 9,770 yards with 54 touchdowns, including 20 interceptions. He also has stats of rushing for 1,859 yards and 16 touchdowns in a total of 72 games. As a backup, Culley selects a rookie, Davis Mills. The Texans head coach made a good choice judging from the athlete’s previous three seasons at Stanford.

A Look at the Odds

Considering the current happenings in Houston Texans, their performance still appears reasonable in the last five games. However, their most recent game against the Carolina Panthers was a significant loss. Ending at 24-9, it’s evident that Culley has some more work to do in his team. A considerable problem the Texans may have is their neutral run game that requires significant improvement.

Will the current stats and recent change in QB influence bettors? Without a doubt, the loss of QB Deshaun Watson already affects the odds. Compared to the preseason, the team’s current odds are higher, depicting a lower shot of making the playoffs. It also reduces their chances at the Super Bowl. Visit for more information on the team’s odds.

Key Players

Fans shouldn’t lose all hopes for the Texans, especially with some of the top industry professionals on the team. For example, WR Brandon Cooks is a solid veteran in the squad. The player finished the 2020 season with 81 receptions for 1,150 yards and six different touchdowns. Brandon has record-breaking stats of a 1,000 yards receiving season alongside Brandon Marshall with four separate teams.

Other key players in the team to look out for include:

  • Justin Reid – An influential American football safety to always note is Reid, thanks to his impressive performance. Even with the diagnosed torn labrum in his shoulder, he led the Texans with nine tackles against the Pats.
  • Phillip Lindsay – RB Lindsay is new to the Houston Texans team with a record of joining on March 30, 2021. However, Philip also surpasses 1,000 yards as an undrafted player in his first-ever two seasons.
  • Mark Ingram Jr. – Mark signed a one-year contract with the Texans on March 24, 2021, worth $2.5 million. Good performance should be sure, especially after the RB finished the 2020 season with impressive stats. He has a record of 72 carries for 299 rushing years and two rushing touchdowns in only 11 games.

A Chance at the Super Bowl?

According to DraftKings, Texans have odds of +20000 to win the Super Bowl LVI. The closest team with equal odds is the Detroit Lions, with odds of +2000 to win the Super Bowl. Compared to others, the Houston Texans are significantly lagging. David Culley may need a little help outside their current roster to have a good chance of taking home the Lombardi Trophy.

If Culley makes the right decisions for the team this season, the Texans have a chance to beat the odds against them. However, it’s important to note that the absence of QB Deshaun Watson plays a role in the current Super Bowl odds.

What’s Next for the Texans

Deshaun Watson’s loss left a tiny hole in the Texans’ chances of winning anything significant this season. However, there’s still hope for the team. With key players like Taylor and Justin, the Texans still have reasonable chances of turning tables in their favor. Whatever occurs, it’s possible to take advantage of their current standings as a bettor.