Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences Seeks the Public’s Help in Identifying the Deceased

If you recognize or believe you may be able to help identify the deceased, contact the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences at either number provided: Main Number: 832-927-5000 or Forensic Investigations: 832-927-5001

Announcement Date: 10/13/2021

Date of Death/Recovery: 10/9/2021

IFS Case Number: ML21-4774

NAMUS Number: 85213

Law Enforcement Agency/Case Number: HCSO/2110-03610

Recovery Location: 19900 FM 529, Houston TX 77099


Sex: MALE Height(ft): 67 inches Weight(lb): 141 Age: UNKNOWN Race: UNKNOWN


Unknown male found in a wooded area in an advanced state of decomposition. He was wearing a long-sleeved black button down Calvin Klein brand shirt, Arizona Jean Co. brand jeans (size 34×30) with a leather belt and a silver-colored buckle, black Dickies socks, and brown Clarks brand boots. The decedent has several tattoos: left arm (dragon within a sun, an infinity sign arrow, and the name BRIAN), left forearm (red cross with black circle and dot), and back (Asian lettering on the back of his neck and a tribal design on his back). The decedent also has braces on his upper and lower teeth.

This gentleman had many unique tattoos. He was found at 19900 FM 529, Houston TX 77099

We need your help identifying him.