How To Choose Between Government And Private Job?

A fresh graduate might be confused about the different job prospects available in the market. The real confusion lies between whether one should prepare for government jobs or should go for private ones. Both government jobs and private jobs have their own set of pros and cons and therefore, it is important to decide the same seriously. Here are a few factors that you need to consider while choosing between private jobs and government jobs.

Government jobs are competitive 

Many people want to grab Government Jobs because of the stable life that it promises. However, it is important to remember that government jobs are more competitive than private jobs. To get a government job, one needs to prepare for exams and only after securing their name in Sarkari Result, can one claim their position in the limited vacancies available in the sector.

Job Security 

A highly eligible person can secure their job in both the private and public sector, however, this is not applicable in all scenarios. In a recession, one might expect a lot of firings from the private sector but the job security of government jobs is always more. Getting fired from a government job requires out of the box circumstances.

Retirement Policy 

The life of a government employee is secure both during and after the job, thanks to the retirement policy attached with government jobs. However, on the other hand, private companies make such promises. While weighting the post-retirement scenario, it also needs to be considered that one can earn enough money in the private sector by gaining a reputable position that does not need any policy to support them financially post-retirement.


Government jobs provide periodic promotion on the basis of performance, however, a certain gap is maintained in the position. This is not the case with private jobs. Depending upon the work performance, one can escalate through different promotions very quickly while working as a private employee.

Work Stress

In comparison to private jobs, the stress of working in the government sector is less. It is because the government sector focuses mostly on long-term goals but the private companies also focus on meeting many short-term goals. With reduced work stress, a good work-life balance is maintained.

Depending upon what factors are important for you, it is important to choose a sector to ensure that you enjoy the job without any stress.