What You Should Include on Your Real Estate Postcards as a New Business Owner

Postcards are one of the cheapest, quickest, and probably the most effective marketing strategies for new real estate businesses. But like any other form of marketing, you’re probably not the only one using postcards to market properties in your area.

That means, if you want to see desirable results from your campaign, you should do it right.

How you design your postcards is very important in making sure they stand out to your audience. Remember, postcards are meant to be brief, concise, and visually appealing so, you should be very careful about what you want to include in the design

Read here to get information, exactly what elements should feature in your real estate postcards to get the best results for your new business? Let’s walk you through a few important ones.

1. Your Business Name, Logo, and Tagline

The first things to add to the front page of your realtor postcard are your business name, logo, and a statement that identifies with your brands, such as your tagline or unique value proposition. You can put this information at the top or bottom of the card, as long as it is well seen.

2. The Recipient’s Name

For a more personalized feel, you also want to address the recipient by name. Addressing your prospective client by name is an excellent way to get their attention, even if the rest of the information on the postcard is generic. So, just before you start talking about your company, a ‘Dear Mr./Miss/Mrs.’ followed by a name can help.

3. Your Services with an Attention-Grabbing Headline

Talk briefly about what you’re actually offering. For example, selling, listing, or renting properties. Depending on how much space you’re working with, you can put this information at the front or back of the card.

4. Photos of Your Top or Just Listed Properties

You want to make your card interesting so that it stands out. So, images of what you offer are essential. Consider adding a picture or collage of your listings. It could be the newest listing you have, your top pick, or something you have on offer. Post the images on the front near the top so that they are among the first things your recipients see.

5. Your Contact Information and a Headshot

Lastly, you want to provide your recipients with a way to contact you. So, include important contact details such as your phone number, email address, social media handles, and physical location.

Adding a professional headshot of yourself and adding it to the postcard alongside your contact information can go a long way in making you look authentic. You could also add a call to action, like “set an appointment with us today” or ‘book a house tour with us’ followed by your phone number.

Real Estate Postcards Are One of the Best Ways to Advertise Your New Business

Postcards are great for advertising your new real estate business. That is if you know how to utilize the limited space a postcard offers.

Remember, you want to offer value to your potential clients. So, think about their pain points when figuring out what message to put on the postcard. So, choose a professional design and make sure the printing is of the best quality.