Tips for Travelling with Glasses

Having the urge to travel can lead to a fair amount of time spent deciding what to pack, and what should stay at home. The weather of your location, as well as cultural norms, can greatly affect some of your outfit choices. Alongside items relating to personal hygiene, one thing you shouldn’t leave at home is your glasses. Without these, you may not be able to partake in all that your holiday has to offer, or even keep yourself safe.

Consider changing the lenses

If your travels are likely to see you doing a lot of physical activity, such as walking, climbing mountains, swimming, or even cycling between destinations, you want to reduce the toll that the items you wear will have on your body. While glasses may not be heavy to begin with, wearing them for prolonged periods, and engaging in exercise, can lead to them feeling uncomfortable. Instead, you might want to consider having your existing lenses switched out for some high index lenses. The higher an index number on the lens, the thinner and lighter it will be, leading to potentially less discomfort over time. Making sure that the lenses are securely attached, and that the frames themselves are also in good condition, can also be incredibly beneficial prior to your excursion.


Straps that attach to your glasses or sunglasses don’t simply exist to help ensure that elderly wearers keep track of where they have placed these items. They can also be great for active wearers of all ages. When out and about, especially if in a different country, it can be quite hazardous to put them down, as these could lead to loss, theft, or damage, with no easy way to replace them. Likewise, during periods of activity, you don’t want to risk them falling off of your face and breaking. These straps can help to keep your glasses on your person and limit the likelihood of something going wrong. Opting for a brightly colored strap can be a good idea, especially if you are the type of person who often puts their glasses down and then struggles to find them again.

Secure cases

The type of case you use for your glasses may depend entirely on your own clumsiness, as well as the activities you plan to take part in throughout your travels, and even space within your luggage. While soft cases can be more compact, they may not offer as much protection as their hard counterparts, both when packed away, and through bumps and dropping. Opting for a slim, good quality, hard case will allow you to keep your spectacles in good condition, even when you don’t need to wear them.

Looking after your glasses can help you to make the most of your time away, from increasing your level of safety whilst driving or travelling, to being able to see the different experiences as clearly as possible. Whilst you may be able to re-live these instances second-hand through photographs, there is nothing quite like having that clarity of sight in the moment.