Essentials for great fishing trip

Trout season is finally here. Well, you are probably out and about getting yourself ready for some outdoor fishing fun. If you are new to it, then you are probably wondering where to get started. Well, worry not because we’ve prepared a list of some must-haves for you to get the most out of your fishing trip.

Fly Rod

There are endless varieties available in the market when it comes to fly rods. Before making a purchase, be sure to match the line weight that is essential for you. 0-2 lines and rods are for small panfish and trout, 3-5 for long casting distances and catch small bass and bigger trout, 6-7 for bigger fish and are most preferred for tough wing conditions, 8-14 for saltwater species, and conditions. A good rod is likely to cost you anywhere between 150 – 300 US dollars.

Fly Reel

If you’re going for medium-sized or small freshwater fish, then a fly reel is a must-have. With just 100 US dollars, you’ll be in a position to acquire one. Their primary function is to hold and administer your line. Remember, your rod and reel weight should balance. However, don’t beat yourself up since manufacturers include this information on their products.

Fly Line

Though expensive, fly lines are better compared to regular fluorocarbon or monofilament fishing lines. A fly line usually has some coating to make it either float or sink. For effective fishing, go for floating lines. A 50-dollar fly line will take you for a few seasons, but a whopping 140 dollar one will take you at least a decade, if not a lifetime.

Leader and Tippet

These two are nearly the same. A leader is made from fluorocarbon or monofilament, and it is structured to turn flies throughout the fly cast. You can purchase these at any sporting store all over America or DIY one out of tippet sections. Also, once you have chopped off an adequate amount of thin material, you will need a tippet on hand to connect to your leader’s ends. This will make your leaders last longer while allowing you to create longer leaders than you will find in most stores. Leaders and tippets should cost you around 20 US dollars.


Most states require you to have a license for simply catching fish then putting them back in the water. Be sure to acquire one before beginning the expedition. A fishing license should not cost you more than 50 US dollars.

Remember, the species you intend to catch dictates the fishing equipment to acquire. Trust me; you can never go wrong with this checklist. Now that you have everything in check, it is time to start enjoying the great outdoors month!