How To Find A Home That Perfectly Fits Your Lifestyle

When going home searching, it is not enough to just check through listings for homes closest to your work address or that are great looking. You need to think about buying a home that has a perfect match for your personality type and your lifestyle.

A good number of home buyers overlook this factor when choosing their home on Zillow, Realtor, or Trulia. Don’t be carried away with the aesthetics of the fine-looking houses advertised. It’s not that you shouldn’t look out for beauty.

Of course, you won’t buy a battered-looking dilapidated home  — no one will even advertise that– but you have to look beyond the beauty of the house. You will need to find out things like what kind of people live around the area the home is located; are they mostly Whites or are they Blacks or Hispanic or a mixture of all races. Are you most comfortable with these people? Or do you really like to live in such environments that are close to the airport with those incessant deafening airplane sounds?

You might go ahead and buy a home in the country built just within a ranch for farm-loving home buyers without considering that you would be using an hour or more daily going to and back from work from it. You would always be too tired and unable to enjoy it except on weekends — and that’s if you don’t work on weekends (some people do).

You might even purchase an ultra-modern home with the latest appliances and lots of open spaces when you’re the kind that never has time to cook and that rarely entertains anyone.

Ask yourself these questions when searching for your lifestyle-matching house.

  • How do you live?
  • How does it affect where you will live?

A socialite? You will need open spaces. Or a work-lover? You’d be going for a home choice closest to work with minimal specifications. If you’re a food person, a city home with a modern kitchen would be it. If you’re a homebody, you’ll need a well-furnished apartment.

It’s all a question of who you are.

Depending on your personality type, the following are some home choices that match a certain lifestyle:

The City Home

The city home is natural for the city dweller, but that’s not just that. You may live in the city and not be a city dweller in that sense. A true city-dweller is a downright city lover. He loves luxurious, lavish homes in a fast-paced city. He can’t survive anywhere else.

He is constantly breezing in and out of parties and clubs and such. He’s familiar with the best bars, museums, and cafeterias in town. He attends almost every popular function in town and is surrounded by friends of similar nature. Don’t call yourself a city dweller if you don’t exhibit those characteristics.

If you’re a city dweller, then go for a home with these features:

  • It must be in the city and right in the heart of town where the major goings and comings happen.
  • It must be near a public transportation system.
  • It must be spacious enough to host the regular party-after-party.

While it’s true that city life is expensive, you must be able to find a way to cope if that’s your kind of life. If such a home is way beyond your financial capacity, then settle for a condo, my friend.

The Country Home

The country home is for country lovers –those cowboys and cowgirls. It’s peaceful and quiet and you could raise your own chickens, goats, and horses if that’s the whole idea. You’re definitely a more reserved type of person and you’re also easygoing.

Homes with these features would suffice:

  • It should be far away from the city.
  • It should be in 10-mile proximity to a town that has a grocery store and a post office if you wouldn’t want to be completely locked away from the rest of the world.
  • It should have several acres.
  • It shouldn’t be a home that’s needing too many structural updates.
  • It could have some hard-to-notice problems that have been there for a while.

The Family Home

If you’re a family-conscious type of person, who is concerned with the welfare of his wife and children to a fault, then you need a family home.

Such a home must have the following features:

  • It must have a big backyard (Don’t ask for what).
  • It must have several bedrooms.
  • It must be in a suburb.
  • It must be close to schools, grocery stores, and parks.

You won’t be needing a luxurious magazine-look home, but something quite full and well-built. No one wants a place they’d have to worry about fixes here and there because their kids experimented on this and that.

There is a much larger list of home types matching lifestyles. If your match wasn’t mentioned here, you can still know your type on your own by always asking yourself what you value most about how you live and making a list of things you must have and things that mustn’t be in your new home or its location.