Katy Area All-District Football Players Honored

By George Slaughter

Katy, which won its ninth state championship last week, placed 20 of its players on the District 19-6A teams, which were announced this week.

Tompkins, which won the district title for the first time in school history, placed 17 of its players on those teams.

Players are selected by a vote of the district coaches.

Coach of the Year

Todd McVey, Tompkins

District Most Valuable Player

Jalen Milroe, quarterback, senior, Tompkins

Offensive Player of the Year

Julius Loughridge, running back, senior, Mayde Creek

Defensive Player of the Year

Colby Huerter, senior, Tompkins

Special Teams Player of the Year

Trevor Woods, senior, Taylor

Newcomer of the Year

Gavin Rutherford, sophomore, Cinco Ranch

Offensive Line

First team: Hayden Conner, senior, Taylor, unanimous; Omarian Algbedion, senior, Katy; C.J. Marsh, senior, Katy; Ethan Vazquez, junior, Tompkins; Tyler Lynch, junior, Tompkins

Second team: Aaron Session, senior, Morton Ranch; Jacob Norman, senior, Katy; Ethan Onianwa, senior, Cinco Ranch; Sam Treadaway, senior, Seven Lakes; Filbert Presley, junior, Seven Lakes


First team: Bryce Foster, senior, Taylor, unanimous

Second team: Bill Katsigiannis, senior, Katy

Running Backs

First team: Julius Loughridge, senior, Mayde Creek, unanimous; Marquis Shoulders, senior, Tompkins, unanimous; Jalen Davis, senior, Katy

Second team: Seth Davis, sophomore, Katy; Michael Whitaker, junior, Taylor; Nick David-West, senior, Seven Lakes; Casey Shorter, senior, Taylor


First team: Sherman Smith, senior, Tompkins, unanimous

Second team: Alden McKinney, senior, Katy

Wide Receivers

First team: L’Denn Skinner, senior, Mayde Creek, unanimous; Tyrone Irving, senior, Taylor, unanimous; Josh McMillian, junior, Tompkins

Second team: Nic Anderson, junior, Katy; Alpha Khan, senior, Mayde Creek; Noah Abboud, sophomore, Cinco Ranch


First team: Jalen Milroe, senior, Tompkins

Second team: Jace Wilson, senior, Mayde Creek

Tight End

First team: Emilio Silva, senior, Katy

Second team: Brendan Sides, senior, Seven Lakes

All-Purpose Player Offense

First team: Marquis Shoulders, senior, Tompkins

Second team: Michael Whitaker, junior, Taylor


First team: Scott Stanford, junior, Seven Lakes

Second team: Fuller Shurtz, senior, Katy


Hunter Huckabee, senior, Tompkins

Second team: Nemanja Lazic, senior, Katy; Renan Baeta, senior, Taylor

Return Specialists

First team: Alpha Khan, senior, Mayde Creek

Second-team: Bobby Taylor, junior, Katy

Defensive Line

First team: Malik Syila, junior, Katy, unanimous; Etini Bassey, junior, Tompkins, unanimous; Cohen Dearman, senior, Katy; Cal Varner, senior, Katy

Second-team: Justin Bevrotte, senior, Tompkins; V.J. Bronson, senior, Taylor; David Hicks, sophomore, Morton Ranch; Sean Dubose, senior, Tompkins


First team: Ty Kana, junior, Katy, unanimous; Shep Bowling, senior, Katy; Bryce Shaink, junior, Tompkins; Temisan Alatan, senior, Tompkins

Second-team: Jalen Maronen, senior, Katy; Aano Filoialii, senior, Taylor; Everret Haven, senior, Mayde Creek; Sam Hampton, senior, Morton Ranch


First team: Colby Huerter, senior, Tompkins, unanimous; Trevor Woods, senior, Taylor, unanimous; Dalton Johnson, senior, Katy, unanimous; Hunter Washington, senior, Katy; Dru Polidore, senior, Tompkins

Second-team: Bobby Taylor, junior, Katy; Alpha Khan, junior, Mayde Creek; Hamilton McMartin, junior, Katy; Devon Winfield, senior, Morton Ranch; K.J. Gilbert, senior, Tompkins; D’shawn Winfield, senior, Morton Ranch

All-Purpose Player Defense

First team: Trevor Woods, senior, Taylor

Second team: Jeremy Foster, senior, Seven Lakes; Kobee Madriz, senior, Tompkins